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Apple Mac Geocaching Software


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Hi All,


I'm a poor deprived Apple Mac user running OS X Tiger, currently I'm using Mac SimpleGPS to download waypoints to my etrex without issue's.


Does anyone know of anything else I can use, not that I have a problem with Mac SimpleGPS, I was curious to discover if there was anything better out there?


I looked at GPSy but didn't get very far with that... :huh:


In fact I'm interested in any geocaching software full stop for Apple Mac.





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Moote's GPS Visualizer was very interesting and useful - Worth me asking the question just to discover this. :huh:


Having spent most of the evening looking for Mac software, I'm now fairly sure that I'm not going to better Mac SimpleGPS. The way it hooks up the geocaching.com etc is all very impressive - It's miles ahead of the rest (Mac stuff anyway)....


Many thanks to everyone for the help.





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Mac SimpleGPS is nice, but it has a few quirks/bugs that have not been addressed in over a year. The good news is that the author has told me that he is still planning to continue development, though. Eventually. Hopefully.


The Mac OS X interface to GPSBabel (http://www.gpsbabel.org/) does work well for getting data out of your GPS receiver, although it's a little clunky. If you're comfortable with the Terminal, I think the most efficient solution is to install the normal command-line version of GPSBabel and then find a command that works for you and run it every time you need to fetch your data. For me, using a Keyspan Serial Adapter, the basic commands are:


gpsbabel -w -i garmin -f /dev/cu.USA19H3b1P1.1 -o gpx -F ~/Desktop/Garmin_waypoints.gpx

gpsbabel -t -i garmin -f /dev/cu.USA19H3b1P1.1 -o gpx -F ~/Desktop/Garmin_tracks.gpx


(Your serial port driver may be slightly different, but it will start with "/dev/cu.")


...And there's probably a way to make a clickable AppleScript to run Terminal commands like these.

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I'm a Mac user too and would recommend you take a look at the following links that have been recommended on the excellent http://www.podcacher.com podcast about Geocaching:






I use the paperless caching solution recommended in the second link and it works a treat :D

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Many thanks for alerting me to Google Earth, I've just downloaded it.


Very interesting, my neck of the woods (Lancashire) is very well covered and the maps are pretty detailed, to the point that I reckon I can just about make out the wife's car parked outside the house... :)





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my neck of the woods (Lancashire) is very well covered

They changed the majority of aerial's in Lancashire to hi-res just last week, just need them to nug over the lanc's border to do Kendal.


I can see my place of work in Lytham - car park look quite empty which is unusual

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