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Easy Gps/cachemate Problems

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I'm trying to go paperless. Downloaded EasyGPS & purchased cachemate. My problem is, I downloaded caches to my palm (tungstenE2) & all I have is the cache name, hider, coords. No stars, description, hints, logs, etc. What gives? Any help would be appreciated (In simple terms, I'm a computer numbskull!!!!!)

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EasyGPS is not capable of providing the cache information. You need to download the .gpx files from geocaching.com, as Brian said, and then convert them to the .pdb files that cachemate requires (several ways to do that), then upload the .pdb file to the PDA. I use GSAK to do the coversion from .gpx to .pdb files. There is also a small utility that comes with Cachemate that can do the conversion to .pdb. Sorry, forgot the name, as I don't use it regularly.


Process: GC.com Query (.gpx)->GSAK->.pdb file -> Cachemate (in the PDA)

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EasyGPS only claims to manage the necessary info for GPS'.


It handles .loc files, which contain minimal info; and, hence are relatively small fast downloadable files. It can also handle the more info-intensive .gpx files, but it saves .gpx files with the minimal info.


You need GSAK, or other program designed to manage files for PDAs.

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