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  1. You can store them as POI's though.. With this software from Garmin: http://www.garmin.com/products/poiloader/ - Although I haven't been able to find a way to change the icons, or be selective about which POIs to show.
  2. You can choose, in the menu, whether you have Alkalines or NiMHs. - I actually hurt my finger (be electricity) yesterday because I had the battery cover open while the unit was connected via USB.
  3. The first one is a single beep, the 'turn-now' beep is a double beep.. Ehh.. I think sometimes there isn't really time for the first (warning-you-have-to-turn-soon-beep) so it just goes straight to the double-turn-now-beep. I don't know if you can alter the audio, that might be a solution though because the two sound very similar.
  4. I have a 60CSx and the only use i have for the compass is when I'm closing in (<20m) on a cache, then its pretty neat. Just don't expect to get a replacement for your 'needle + water' compass, cause it really isn't anything like that. Not nearly as that responsive, actually I found it be be kind of sloppy. The altimeter might be nice for hiking, but I don't really know what its good for. Oh, and you forget the colors; the Cx is blue while the CSx is black.. (I prefer black). Oh, oh, and if you get a CSx remember to turn off the compass when you're not relying on it because its really a power burner. Have fun whichever you choose. - Its a great unit.
  5. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=121302 - There you go. All prices are maintained by Garmin so there is only one 'cheapest' price, which is, unfortunately, also the most expensive one.
  6. Indeed.. The only reason I went for the 60s in the first place was to get the extra RAM, now when on-board RAM is obsolete why would people bother with the clumsy 60 models if it wasn't for the sirfs.
  7. It seems pretty fair to suspect that Garmin will be ending production of the older non-x models. The price isn't that different and why even bother making lowtech models when you can get people to buy the new ones.. Saves them the a whole lot of manufacturing expenses. Plus, as we all know, SanDisk has some interest in the new models as well.
  8. Thanks for a good response jotne. I'm pretty sure now that I have made the right choice ordering the 60CSx. I'm not planning to turn the compass on automaticly, only when I find myself running in cirles around a cache - or I want to make a waypoint at an angle and a distance. Also I like the color of the CSx better than that of the Cx..
  9. Yup - I've been looking at them as well. Pretty expensive though compared to alkas or nimhs. I heard ebay should be a good place to pick them up - but can you be sure they are decent quality? But maybe I should bring a few when I go hiking. A shame they don't come as rechargables.
  10. Just look them deep in the eye and say BO!.. No seriously - as long as you don't run off screaming when someone passes by you should be fine. I try to look as calm and aware as possible so people wont think I'm a burglar or something. Most importantly - be sure noone stares at you when you try to re-hide the cache. Happy hunting!
  11. The reason I go on with the battery life is because I want to bring my unit on a few weeks hike far from anything remotely electrical (other than natural electrostatics). In the mountains weight is EVERYTHING - so if I can save some muscle for something else than batteries I'll do it. The question still remains; how close to 1 can you bring the battery life ratio of the 60C and the 60CS by turning off the compass of the S-model?
  12. What are your experiences on average battery life with the compass set the way you describe? And what kind of battery do you use?
  13. 60CSx + 2Gb TransFlash + InvisibleShield + 8x AA 2500mAh NiMH + Every topo out there + City Navigator + mounts. - Its nice, its handy, its durable.
  14. Using Cachemate with queries for my Palm IIIxe - works like a dream.
  15. Downfall?.. I would pay the extra 10% anytime for just the memory extension feature. - If I already had an eTrex C / 60C I don't think I would go for the X right away.. But for people who were planning to buy a new unit anyway (like me) its a great upgrade for small $ IMO.
  16. Woha - I just read your log.. Very nice! Wish I could go there some day. And yes - I've been out a couple of times this winter, my brand new 60csx will be arriving soon then i'm going to live on the streets doing caches for a few days..
  17. That and the battery life (longer life for the Legend), yes.
  18. Would be interesting to know what the safe limit is..
  19. Yes. And to avoid having to download each gpx file individually you can make a query here: http://www.geocaching.com/pocket (if you didn't already know that) - Note that queries can only be made once per day, and there is also a limit of five queries total / day.
  20. Shouldn't really be necessary to search when all the post are on the first page.. Anyway - it IS good news. Edit: Uh, oh - I just bumped a duplicate topic - silly me.
  21. Hm.. I never really understood why there had to be two different MapSources (Navigator and Select). So it seems pretty reasonable to merge the two and just release one map package for use with all GPS units. Did he say anything about when the new City Navigator will go retail? - I would probally wait and buy it if its not too far away. Good luck!
  22. Vista / Legend + Nice handy pocket-sized + Has more pixels than the 60c (not much) + Price + Upgradable memory (micro SD) - up to 512 Mb, and up to 2Gb later this year - No Sirf chip upgrade - Antenna not as good as the other units 60s + Great reception (external antenna) + Sirf chip for quicker WAAS calibration and better overall reception (comes with the X-models only!) + Larger screen areal + Nice button placement IMO - Quite a bit bigger than the eTrex unites (weight is the same) - More expensive 76C + same as the 60s, except: + More memory than the 60s + It floats... woho - I just don't like it.. Its ugly, big, heavy and expensive compared to the rest. - price Sensors + With the electronic compass the direction arrow is always pointing towards your target even when standing still. + altimeter for logging elevation changes and monitoring pressure for weather prediction - More expensive than non-S units - 2/3 battery life compared the other (non-S) units Thats about it I think. Have just ordered a 60CSX for caching / hiking Have fun with your new unit, whatever you choose. A thread about battery life S vs. non-S can be found here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=118415 Edit: Misread your first post.. Though all were x-models. - Edited to compensate. - If you arent willing to pay the ekstra $$ for the 60x units I would probally go with the eTrex Legend C - has the best battery life (up to 34h!) and if you are going to use topo maps you'll probally want more than 56Mb of storage of the 60's.
  23. You really should take a look at http://www.garmin.com/cartography/mapSource/cityselect.jsp - All the info you want is there. City Select v7 will work just fine for your 60CS. - Unlike City Navigator which will NOT work with the 60CS (for auto routing).
  24. Edit: You need City Select for autorouting. Edit2: Here is the link for City Select v7: http://www.garmin.com/cartography/mapSource/cityselect.jsp - I'm afraid I don't have any 'backups' of it since I use the European version
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