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What Items Do You Bring With You?

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What you NEED is debatable, but what I typically take with me depends on the situation...


For urban micros, a fanny pack with the following:



Mirror w/ extending handle

magnet on extending handle


leatherman multi-tool


spare batteries



CITO bags


If I'm hiking I leave the "urban micro" tools behind and take a backpack with






couple bottles of water

snack bars

first aid kit

bug spray




and if I'm doing a road trip or an event cache I usually take along the laptop and all the wires needed to power it in the car with GPSr connected. Oh, geocoins usually travel with me to events too for trading. :unsure:

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Lowrance AirMap 500, loaded with caches.

Garmin GPS 72, not loaded with caches (I'm going to get a cable someday.)

Cache printouts.

FRS/GMRS radios, tuned to Channel 2, but rarely on.

RAA-3 Antenna for the AirMap, and it's 12v cable.

Maglite that fits on my belt.

Knife (always)

Waterproof pouch for the AirMap

Sig cards. Sometimes SWAG, depends on what I have.


Sometimes I carry:

Ziploc bags.

Replacement logs.

The above are never with me when I find a cache in need.

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Lets see...stuff I carry.


GPSr :ph34r:

Camera (and Lens Pen)

batteries (for GPSr and an extra one for my camera)

Hiking staff


Pocket knife to sharpen pencil

Other knife (depends on where I go)


Danner GoreTex boots (keep those feet dry)


Stuff that stays in my truck...unless Im going to need it.


JetBoil stove and noodles (If Im going to be out for awhile)

Note book of coords (no printer so I hand write them) :(

State map

Topo map

Sportsmans atlas


Squirel & Deer call (for my photography)

Back pack

Rain coat

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I always bring in a backpack a:


1. GPS (Duh)

2. Flashlight (Looking in dark spots)

3. Trinkets (For trading)

4. Hand sanitizer stuff (cleaning hands if dirty)

5. Compass (What direction is where) ((Very confusing if not with me)

6. Tb's (To drop off)


Is there anything else I need to bring?


-The 4 Elements

Depends who you ask. Some people bring enough gear to survive a week in the arctic wilderness to find an ammo can on a blazed trail.

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I have a Geocaching bag that stays in the truck and has the following;


1) Complete change of cloths (I hate being wet and dirty, and if your like me you will be both sooner or later).

2) Spare / Backup GPS

3) Spare Batteries

4) CITO Bags

5) GPS / PDA Cables

6) Extra Pens

7) Extra Trade Items

8) Extra bottles of water

9) Extra gloves (Year round...)

10) Handie Wipes

11) 100 ft on nylon rope (We've used it a couple time if the tern is a 4 or higher)

12) Oh yeah and bath size towel for those dives into the creeks....


I then have a fanny pack that goes to the cache with me, that has;


1) Trade items

2) First Aide Kit

3) Flashlight

4) One set of spare GPS Batteries

5) Compass (I carry two, one Base Compass and a small compass that fits on my watch band)

6) Small multi tool

7) Mirror

8) Magnifing glass

9) Gloves (Year round)


Besides the fanny pack I carry my GPSr, PDA, and Cell Phone. If I'm going on a long hike I will also carry my Ham Radio hand held.

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I'm new to caching, so I don't carry much stuff.


Pen (in case there is nothing to log with).

Ziplock backs, just in case the cache needs them.

Plastic bag for removing trash from the area

GPS (or course). Borrowing my buddies Garman 315 for now.

CellPhone (Always on vibrate, I hate hearing those things ring, especially in the peacefull woods).

Spyderco Knife

Conceled .357 if allowed.

Hand Sanitizer or wipes.


I'm loving this sport, I just started caching two days ago and have visited one each day. I plan on visiting many more, both with my family, and on road trips with the Harley.

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