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  1. On my device if shut down the app (aka the app is NOT running) then when I open / restart the app the next time I go caching the Draft is turned off.
  2. Max and 99 I like using the Draft mode all the time, rather than standing at a cache site typing I'd rather log the draft of Found, and then when I get home add to the log before posting. I guess what I am asking for is to have the Draft mode be added as a "User Preference" that would keep it either on or off depending on what the user wants. The Draft button could be left on the Found screen so the user could make a quick change if they wanted, but then on the next cache it would revert back to what ever the User Preference is. Hope that helps explain what I had in mind..
  3. Each time I close and reopen the app I have to remember to select Draft. The app (android) reverts back to Draft off once you close the app. I don't get out caching as much as I use too and many times, well most times I forget to switch it to draft on the first couple caches.
  4. I would like to request that the Draft slide under Found It, be made a full time selection. I find that many times I forget to switch the Draft on and publish logs before I am ready for them to be published. Thank you..
  5. I know this has been brought up before but I'm going to bring it up again. I don't understand why Adventure Lab Activity Logs are limited to the first 10 people who complete the Lab. I've read the other post were it was supposedly done for privacy reason, I'm not buying that when there are regular caches with hundreds or thousands of logs. The other supposed reason was to conserve space, that also doesn't make sense either when there are how ever many thousands of regular caches that have hundred or thousands of logs. My AL has been active for 13 days, and it shows 14 people have completed the entire AL, and 15 people have completed the first 2 steps. But because I can only see the first 10 logs I have no idea who the other 4 people are who completed the AL and I have no idea if someone actually started the AL and stopped after the first 2 steps or if there is a glitch in the system. Seeing how this entire AL is new and still being developed I would think you would want to give the AL owners as much information as possible so they can help find problems. What if the two stages that are showing 15 people completed them and it is a glitch in the system, I as an owner have no way of knowing and I'm sure no one else is looking for that type of issue.
  6. Thank you for the information on using the Draft mode when logging. I use GSAK so this will work out great!
  7. Is there a way to automatically add the time to the Found comments? Example: When the Log button on the cache page is tapped, add the current time to the first line of the log. I like to see times between finds when on a cache run. The type of Log, Found, or DNF doesn't matter I would like to be able to automatically add the time. Thanks!
  8. I took a bit of a break from Geocaching, 7 years to be exact, and when I stopped caching I was using a program called Cachesence on my table. I have found the program and installed it but can't seem to get it to work. Is it still an authorized app? The API no longer seems to work, current caches don't load, and there isn't any map display. I hope it is just that I have been out of caching so long and forgot something in the setup.. I really liked the app. Thank you!
  9. Are you walking when this happens or driving? If you are walking and you unit has a magnetic compass function you maybe falling below the minimum speed and duration and the magnetic compass is kicking in. Check your owners manual for magnetic compass settings. If you can't turn the magnetic compass off set it for the lowest speed (0 mph) and the longest duration possible.
  10. Thanks for the information. I'll let him know, but I'm sure he won't be to happy finding out he needs to use / buy another app. Would have thought this would have been something every app would be able to do. Thanks Again!
  11. Hello, A friend had an iPhone 4 and is running the Geocaching.com app. He recently attended an event where there were a large number of temporary caches placed. The event sponsors provided a GPX file with the information for all the temp caches. They were able to load the GPX file into stand alone GPS units, and third party Geocaching software on Android and iPhones but could not lead the GPX into the Geocaching.com app. Any ideas on how to achieve this? Thanks,
  12. I use a combination of tablet, a dedicated GPS, and an Palm Pilot. I use the tablet the majority of the time, the exception is inclement weather. If it's raining, snowing excessively I use the Garmin 60csx and the Palm TX. As far a accuracy there are many factors involved with this. Like mentioned earlier the accuracy of the owners placement is probably the biggest factor, view of the sky, or lack of(tree cover, heavy cloud cover, under a roof etc.). I have found that my tablet for the most part is just as accurate as the 60csx. Most of the time it gets me reasonably close to the cache as the 60csx would and then I rely on your experience to locate the cache.
  13. Greetings, I have a question regarding the Geocaching.com app, specifically for Apple devices. My granddaughter will be spending some time with us this summer and she is showing interest in Geocaching. I’d like to take her caching while she’s here. She has an Apple iPad that only has WiFi connectivity. I have a couple questions about using the Geocaching.com app. Since her iPad only has WiFi connectivity, can she use the Geocaching.com app offline? 1) Can we load Pocket Queries into the app? 2) Does the app allow for off line logging and then uploading logs once you have internet connection? 3) Does the app have offline maps? 4) Does the app have offline compass? Thanks in advance!
  14. I bought a Geomate Jr for my grandson. He's used it a couple times (Hasn't show much interest in Geocaching), but it seemed to work pretty well as a beginner unit. I did buy the upgrade kit and was able to find and download an offline app for loading pocket queries, very useful after the company closed down. The local Geocaching club I belong to bought two Geomate Jr units to have available at our events for use by new cachers etc. We have had mixed reviews on them. Most experienced cachers don't care for them because they are very simplistic, but new cachers seem to like them for that very reason. The Geomate Jr was intended for kids and are fine as a cheap way to get into the hobby but I would think most people would soon be looking for something with more bells and whistles if they stay in the hobby.
  15. There is no way to edit geocaches that are currently in the Geomate Jr. You can however load geocaches to the Geomate Jr. with out using the file from the web site. You can load a GC.com Pocket Query or create a GPX file for the Geocaches you want loaded using a program like GSAK. Then using the Geomate Jr. Upgrade kit and a PC App called geomateGUI, you can update your Geomate Jr. with new and local Geocaches. It appears the geomateGUI app is no longer available for download from the internet (at least a quick google search came up with nothing but broken links). I have a copy of the app and if you would like a copy please send me a PM with your email address and I will send you the file in zip format. Unzip it to your desktop and you'll be all set. I use this methode to keep my grandkids Geomate Jr. up to date. One thing to keep in mind, when you update the Geomate Jr. either from the web site or from the geomateGUI app. all Geocaches currently on the Geomate Jr. will be deleted.
  16. Sorry but this won't help with this macro. The macro no longer exist in the GSAK Library because it was not updated by the author. Here is the thread on the GSAK Forum regarding this macro.
  17. The issue with this macro is it was written using the old macro language. The author of your macro doesn't appear to be supporting this macro. You may want to check the current Nuvi macro Nuvi_GPX_by_CT.Gsk. Macro forum support thread.
  18. Take a look at CacheSense, it's a very powerful Geocaching app that works well on Android. Also check out the CacheSense forum.
  19. Have you taken a look at CacheSense?? It has support for several offline map products, and is a very robust Geocaching app. Also check out the CacheSense Forum.
  20. Have you tried posting this on the GSAK Forum? It would appear that there is a waypoint that has one or more charaters that are not compatible with the gpx format.
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