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Most Interesting Cache Found

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:unsure: What was some of the most interesting caches you have found,

Here is one of my favorites Remembering Rose IslandThis cache has been archived along with lots of other's in this park, last year me and about 17 other cacher's went to Rose Island in Charlestown State Park to find these caches before they had to be taken out, Till this day they still will not allow caches in there park, it was a 5 mile hike in to get all of these caches and thanks to the Geohunter we got a boat ride back.

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Gotta be Tube Torcher which is unfortunately archived now. It pushed you to limits and when you finished there was a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. As far as creative caches my vote goes to Sneaky Snakes in the Clearwater, FL area. I'd never encountered anything like I did with his hides. I'm glad I don't live in that area from some of the various hiding techniques I heard of.

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So far my favorites are:






I grew up in Southwick years ago, and used to come to the Gorge to be by myself, brings back lots of great memories.







Walking these grounds and then discovering the history behind this battlefield is quite chilling. Knowing all the death and atrocities that were committed on these grounds is a VERY sobering experence.

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Here is a cache I'am planning to do in the future Captain Mcharry's Vault

i did this one yesterday with a group 8 other cachers. definately my favorite find so far. although it was a lil rough to get there, i was expecting it to be much worse with the 5 rating. i honestly wish it wouldve been harder, i was geared up for a lot more than we were handed.


it was also my first time meeting any local cachers. i met a lot nice people yesterday, although i did feel kinda young hanging out with them. and i think i made some of them feel old when i said i was born the year one of them graduated :rolleyes: i bet you can guess which one i am in deermarks group picture of us all at the vault :lol: it was a great day and i cant wait to do it again.

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