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Geocoin Versus Travel Bug Tag

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I have had more than 100 travel bugs pass through my hands. I have yet to lose or steal one. I have handled a couple geocoins, no personal ones, and passed them along.


I have started 8, I think, bugs. None has survived. I have several unused tags. I don't know what to do with them.


I will not release any of my geocoins. They may not disappear any faster than the TBs, because I am not sure they could. I did not buy them for other people to keep them or lose them. :huh:

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I have released 3 USA geocoins.


1 Still traveling

1 Known lost (holder emailed me that he lost it over a cliff :P )

1 Held by a cacher that did not realize it was a traveler (i emailed them today)


Not too bad, none intentionally stolen. I released a NJ geocoin a week or so ago, let's see what happens to that one.


I have had several TB go missing, but I will release more anyway

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IMO Travel bugs generally keep moving unless they are attached to something cool or put in a cache that gets muggled.


Coins however are another story. They are pretty cool just in themselves and I don't think some people can resist the pretty shiny things (my precious). I will no longer put any out. If I find one in a cache I will surely pass it along but the ones I buy stay with me.

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