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Palm Pilots


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im getting tired of trying to remember clues and details when im already out on a hunt. if i bought i palm pilot would i be able to put all of that on the pda? like multicache details and description etc.... and

if i bought one which is the best to get?

do i have to have a better membership in order to do so... please answer these for me



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I suggest you spend some time doing some googles and searches in these forums on paperless caching. There are several sites (including gc.com) that talk about all the different methods you can use and the topic has been covered quite a bit in these forums.


As for which palm to buy, that's like asking which GPSr to buy. It's an individual choice based on your needs. You need to start by educating yourself on what options are out there. You also have pocket PC, HP, and others besides Palm.


My personal choice for going paperless is a Palm Tungsten E, GSAK and Cachemate. You can easily search the web and these forums for info on these, but there are MANY more products, solutions, and methods available.


I'm not trying to put you off, but you need to do a little self-ed then come back with more specific questions. This is to broad of a topic for quickie, specific answers.

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One quick thing I'll say on palm-type devices is that if you don't want anything fancy or are pretty sure you don't want one for anything other than paperless caching, you can get some older models like IIIc's and IIIxe's pretty darn cheap these days and they do just fine. I used a IIIxe for several years (about 6 months paperless caching?) before I moved to the Tungsten.

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A freind of mine has a very basic palm device and was askig what software would be the best one to use with his Palm divice. He did not recall the model but it is very basic monochrome version. I use a pocket PC but I am not sure which software would be the best one for a PDA, If anyone one has a suggestion I will pass the iformation on to him.

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I was using a very old IBM WorkPad with 2MB RAM and Cachemate. Worked great but I needed more RAM so I recently purchased a Zire 31. Great device, I can load more than 500 caches, color, expandable SD capability, etc. I've been using GSAK and Cachemate. For some of the more complex puzzle type caches, though, you may still want to bring along the cache pages as printed off of geocaching.com.

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Depending on what other applications you may want to use a PDA for, it may be a good idea to get one with a memory card expansion slot. I use a Tungsten E with CacheMate and put all my cache databases on an SD card. That way there is no concern about room to add more applications that might require lots of internal memory space.


Cheers, Olar

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i'm using GeoNiche (http://www.raydarllc.com/) on a Palm Tungsten T5. GeoNiche appears to have all of the features of CachemMate but also has a powerful navigation/proximity feature for use with an external GPS unit. I am using a Holux gp236 Bluetooth unit with the Palm.


I've also used a Palm m505 and m515 with a Magellan GPS Companion unit and the Magellan NAV Companion software package which provided reasonable results. BTW, I have one each of these set-up's for sale at the moment.



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