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Geocoin Payment Request

legna and sOulbAit

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Is there anyone else having the same problem I am having. That is keeping up with which forum topic is ready for payment after being put on a pre list. I have to keep checking back to see if the seller has set up payment details in the original topic. Here is a solution that I think may help. When a geocoin is up for prelist, have the normal topic as it is set up now. When the geocoin is ready for payment, start a new topic with the name of the geocoin and something indicating that payment are now being excepted. I have notice some sellers are doing this (a big thanks) and it makes it so easy to see that the coins are now ready for payment. Any ideas? This is just an idea.

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I used two threads for the ca geocoins. one was development and the second was get your orders in. when i started the ca geocoin...there wasn't a bunch of coins out there and people pre ordering like crazy. currently i have a pdf file posted on the web that i update with the paid up people and i also send out an email to the list

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It would help if you could at least change the subheader under your Thread Title to reflect changes in coin status, ordering, etc...but it's a mod-only operation.

This might be a good idea for a moderator to help out with, if the volume of requests wasn't too high. I think changing the title of an existing thread is preferable to cluttering the forums with multiple threads about the same coin.


Since I don't follow the geocoin forum very closely, may I ask how many times per week would there be a situation where a moderator would need to edit a thread title? If it's once or twice a week, that's no problem. Twice a day could be burdensome. The reason for that: since this is a new forum, Groundspeak has not yet designated a dedicated forum moderator here, like they've done by putting the very capable Eartha in charge of the Travel Bug forum. This means that only a Global Forum Moderator can take care of moderation tasks here. The only two volunteers who have Global Forum Moderator powers are myself and mtn-man, and we are usually busy with the other forums that we cover, and which require more attention than the happy geocoin traders.


But if it's a few requests per week, I wouldn't mind one bit if a geocoin topic originator sent me a private message here in the forums, containing a link to the thread, and describing the specific change that they would like for me to make.

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Thanks for the informed feedback, Atlanta Gal. For the time being, I'd be happy to handle a request like this once every day or two, so long as the topic owner (and only the topic owner) sends me a PM with a link to the thread and clear instructions.


May I suggest standardizing the topic subtitles that would be used through the life cycle of a new geocoin? Would the following examples work:


Neopian Geocoin



Antarctic Geocoin



Keystone's Personal Geocoin



Please post if I am missing a step or if these subtopics don't accurately describe how things work.

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