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Broken Toys

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This is a bit of a rant...


What is with all the broken toys in caches? I don't understand why people think caches are repositories for thier broken toys...I have found 6 or 7 caches total and each one contained something like this...army man with no arms, broken McDonalds toy, cars w/ no wheels.


It's a stupid thing to complain about, but I am goign with my 3 yr old and bringing things to trade that are quite "playable"


Anyone else running into this?

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There is a segment of geocachers who seem to  think that a geocache is a trash can.

This geocache is an ammo can. But your broken McToys are welcomed here :lol:

Brilliant! I love it!


I think I will start removing all trash from Caches as a matter of process...and I like th elittle note about AOL CD's...I've seen a few of those.


McToys :laughing: Nothing wrong with them if they work!!!! My 3 yr old loves them, but to get Ronald McDonald with no head is a little weird.

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Yehhh geocaching toys are the best!!! :lol: I bet you don't hear that very often


get over it you don't go geocaching to get toys

P.S. your kids won't care just give them something trust me my little brothers don't care just as long as they get a prize

P.P.S. why is everybody complaining about toys

P.P.P.S. mabye it is bound to become a forbidden topic soon to join the mic..

and Loc.........

P.P.P.P.S. yes i'm obsessed with post script stuff

P.P.P.P.P.S. stop laughing at me because mommy says you can't laugh at me because i'm speacial

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We agree there is way too much junk in the caches. That being said, it was never the contents of a cache that got us out the door. We look for nice hikes, places we haven't seen or didn't know about. We never seem to rush out for a minature deck of playong cards or a set of plastic civil war combatants. It is a little frustrating to finally arrive to a box of moldy McToys and a few other items decomposing at the bottom of a wet container. I think container construction is second most important to location (with a well researched written description, of course). I don't mind the piles of kids toys, broken or otherwise, as long as they are safe from the elements. More than half our 40+ finds are to caches that have suffered some form of water damage. Although I don't like all the throw away items in the containers, it is more important to us that the cache be well constructed adn waterproof.

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I've only been at this for a couple weeks, and I was initially interested in learning how to use my GPS and go on the hunts. I didn't know what swag was until I found my first cache that wasn't a micro. So, I figured that moving "junk" from one container to another was just part of the deal.


I find it disappointing to see junk and broken toys in caches. There are too many great resources for finding decent, inexpensive swag for people to be leaving broken McToys and melted army men in caches. Giving kids broken toys, whether the kid cares or not, IMO, is just lame. Personally, I don't have kids, and don't cache with kids. I make a point of trying to leave swag for grown-ups, too. I think it would be a high honor for somebody to keep the swag that I left because they found it useful or delightful. -RF


PS. LOVED the idea of a cache just for junky swag!

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ive seen this done many times. i actually found a very nice glass bobble. the small weight on the end was cracked but it still worked. the minute i picked it up it broke in half. i think that this may be partially because of muggles and wildlife and nature. ive found the cache hoblitelle 2 sprayed over with paintballs. earlier that day we had found a fort near the cache while searching for others. we had knocked it down and moved it so it wasnt in place. when we opened the cache it was in total destruction. it has been removed for a time now. others seemed to have be shooken and stolen from.

Squirells and raccons have destroyed many caches.

Try not to worry to much about it. with your son i would say that even though there broken you should try to find a diffrent way to make it fun for him.

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