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  1. The coins were a big hit and I think Rick has a few extras to sell. They came out well and I have heard a lot of compliments about them.
  2. Ours finally worked so all is well there. Some other issues were noted in the query but it isnt improtant except on this end. Good you got yours sorted out OSC.
  3. We ran one this morning and it wont return results. Still shows an old one run in January.
  4. We found Coin #12 the other day and wow, what a nice, quality coin it is. The reed printing, hard enamel and glitter fill are fantastic. Now, a story... We evacuated the NASA/Houston area while Ike tore up our home. Currently Fort Worth is our home and will be for the next few weeks till we can get back there and pick up the pieces. Mrs. ATMA, of course wasnt pleased that such a disruptiion was taking place but as soon as we found this coin, her day brightened up and she suddenly accepted the living in a hotel for a month idea. Here is a photo of her being brightened up by this really neat coin while visiting a Native Texas Garden where a cache is hidden here in Fort Worth. Thanks for releasing them for all of us cachers to enjoy. ATMA stuck in Fort Worth
  5. What coins are currently being auctioned?
  6. PM sent and we are praying for everyone involved.
  7. It takes a lot of money to put on an event of this caliber. I don’t know what the money is being used for as I was just asked to sell as many coins as possible and was not involved in the finances. The after event coin selling effort was time consuming enough and am glad it is over. Thanks to all that bought coins and we hope you enjoy them.
  8. To see the Texas Challenge 2007 coin with the gator, go to http://geocoins.homestead.com/index.html and there are photos of it. We would love to do that COUNTY challenge but Texas is so large!
  9. Thanks Tom, we are glad you like it.
  10. We are glad that people are liking their coins. They have some tricky detail in them.
  11. Thanks to the ones that have ordered so far. Your coins have been taken to the Post Office and are on their way now.
  12. UPDATE We now have some left to sell. All of the details as well as online ordering can be done at http://geocoins.homestead.com/index.html for those who wish to pick up some neat coins.
  13. Excellent. So far the response has been good.
  14. We started off using the Energizer 2500ma cells but these batteries start loosing current as soon as you take them out of the charger, and at a rapid rate as well. Calling the engineering department, they told me to expect about 10-12% loss per day just sitting. Somehow we found out about eneloop batteries and have been real happy with their performance. You can charge them, install them a week later and they still show full charge not to mention very extended run time when compaired to the Energizer. They come charged in the package and retain 85% of their charged value after 1 year sitting on the shelf. The eneloop is just about the same price as the Energizer. Mrs. ATMA, also known as the navigator, can get at least 14 hours of non-stop use on a charge. You should see these things work in a digital camera! Here is the link to eneloop. eneloop web page
  15. UPDATE: I find that a limited number of emails (PM's) can be received per topic so just indicate your interest as a reply to this topic. We will contact you via PM if these coins are offered. Sorry for any confusion.
  16. We are testing the interest level for this coin. It is the Texas Challenge 2007 event coin and is GC.com trackable with a custom icon. If there is enough interest, we MAY release 150 of these coins via direct sales. This is a 1.75" round, 3mm thick, antique bronze, hard enamel coin. If interested, please PM me and we will get you on the list if this one goes direct. The coin is produced now and has a total mint quantity of 350. Prices will follow at a later date but should be about $10 plus shipping. UPDATE: I find that a limited number of emails (PM's) can be received per topic so just indicate your interest as a reply to this topic. We will contact you via PM if these coins are offered. Sorry for any confusion.
  17. Those bee coins are awesome and so is that red ammo can.
  18. We too will have to go with Geek Qualizer on this one. Although there are many very nice cachers we have come across, not one of them have dropped what they were doing and come to meet us on some rather difficult caches in a driving rain. We would have still been out there lost with dead batteries! 1. Reputation is important. He is outstanding in that area. 2. Always available either by phone, PM or email for help with caching. 3. Likewise available for help in other slightly off geocaching topic areas as well. 4. Although he has done the 10+ mile "Four Cache Loop" walk, still goes out to help guide a group of people through the forest on their first experience. 5. Shows up at events 3 hours from home to support the efforts of non-local cachers. 6. Friendly with everyone. 7. Has one of the coolest dogs around, especially when she wears the blinking LED collar on night caches. 8. Etc. Etc.
  19. I guess I got lucky in the sequence. A couple of days ago I flashed the Vista Cx with OS 2.60 and it corrected not only the accuracy flaw in the GPS but catches all of the WAAS. Satellites 48 and 51 boom in and stays off scale most of the time. Accuracy is hanging in at +-7 feet too. We are located in Texas right between Houston and Galveston. If all is well, we are going to like this receiver a lot more this weekend. Thanks for the tips and verifications.
  20. One of the units we have is the Vista Cx with a 1gb card. That is nice! Since we got it a couple of months ago, we have not been satisfied with the accuracy and have resorted to using the Cx for maps and the blue Legend to find the cache. The blue unit would take us to it every time and the Vista Cx was constantly off by 30-40 feet. Calls to engineering have not helped and was always told that it was a matter of which satellites the unit is locked onto. We never bought into that one... A couple of days ago, I flashed the unit with version 2.60, not knowing this could be a fix to the design error until reading this thread tonight. I just figured it needed to be kept current. Going out for a cache today, the Cx took me so close to the cache that at GZ, I was about standing on top of it! Although this was just one test, it sure worked well. This weekend will give the GPS a good workout and we will know something more by Sunday night. Preliminary thoughts on this and reading what people have reported since the 2.60 flash makes me think they just happened to include a fix in 2.60 and never admitted it. Time will tell and we are looking forward to better results.
  21. I remember last Christmas someone gave me a Christmas Geocoin where the word "Bushwhacked" was misspelled. Still love that coin.
  22. I saw this offer a few days ago and the name on the tag is the name of their company, not a new catch phrase. If I remember right, this is for a custom made coin meaning you can have what you want etched on them. Pretty sure it even says this in the listing. Not a bad deal if you ask me. Especially for a custom sig item. I have been burned worse every time I buy a $2 geocoin for $10 plus $3 shipping.
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