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Why I Like This Game....

Old Bill

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After getting yet another DNF due to muggles, I happily shrugged it off and went on my way to work. Thinking over how I was going to get back to it at the right time (muggles are a problem with bad timing at the cache I was hunting.) it dawns on me that I was so relaxed through all this. No anxiety or disquietude, just a good feeling of "No big deal, I'll get it later".


I'm convinced that this is only possible because of the way the game is laid out. "points" don't matter except to the person playing, and nobody is keeping score.

You can make it as challenging or as relaxed as you want to. How nice to have a

hobby that you can actually get what you want to out of it!


And many thanks to all of you who set it up to be such a great hobby!

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Amen! A straightforward, easy find doesn't make nearly the story that a DNF does! When you're in it for the thrill of a funny cache log, DNFs are almost a goal in themselves....


Ain't it great that it can be about the logs... or about the numbers... or about the hikes... or about meeting other cachers... or about the hides... or about the containers... or... or... or...? Took my nieces caching out on the West coast, and the 10-yr old found a plastic armadillo in a cache as swag. Life couldn't have possibly been any better than at that moment. Got to go caching, got to run the GPS and SCORED AN ARMADILLO. :):laughing:

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Funny thing, I was first to try to find the cache Old Bill mentioned. After a week and three updates to the coords by the owner, it's still not found. What was placed as a 1/1 is turning into something more, and it's providing some extra challenge as well. Old Bill's right about the relaxation of the hobby, I can get out of the house whe I want, maybe take a detour on the way homne to log a cache or grab a TB. If I find it, great if not, Hey, it beats working.


I agree with an earlier post that the logs on A DNF are a lot more fun to read than "easy find, TNLNSL TFTC". I always try to tell a bit more in my logs, so others can get a sense of the hunt, and enjoy reading similar logs.


So Tell those stories about the time you were grabbing an light cover cache an Walmart security snuck up on you [<_<], I know I'll enjoy it.



Team SaguaroAstro

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Much like one of my other passions... fly fishing for trout. Other fish have their tournaments, but trout fishing for the most part, refuses to go in that direction. Any competiveness is with thyself.

You've never fished the Henry's Fork on opening day I see. Sadly, it's become combat fishing at it's finest. <_<

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