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Eu Geocoins - Available To Order


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Orders are now being taken for the new EU (European Union) geocoin.


The coins are already in production and will be available for delivery in the USA & Canada from 14th October.


The coins are not only trackable on geocaching.com but they are also sequentially numbered. You will also get a nice EU icon on your stats page. cache_icon.gif


Numbers are limited and they are expected to sell out before delivery date.


Details can be found here: EU geocoin information website


Please note: You will receive a Paypal invoice between now and the end of the month

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"Paypal is not South africa friendly"...
South Africa is unfortunately not "paypal friendly"

The second quote is more correct! It is the reserve bank that doesn’t allow us to do with our money what we want to...... It is the South African exchange control act that stops us from transferring funds without the knowledge of the reserve bank.

AND we can now open a paypal account. Only thing we cannot do with paypal is receive money, but we can pay through paypal.

Go to paypal and open yourselves accounts.

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Actually PayPal does now accept South African credit cards. As of a few months ago they had a policy change. I've used them for a few things already. Check out https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_...untries-outside for information on their new list of countries that they support. :blink:


South Africa is in the list of "countries using PayPal.com to send money only"... You can even get it so that PayPal will accept payments into your account, they just won't pay the money out into your bank... So you can recieve money in your account, but the only way you have to use it would be to buy things on websites. :o




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