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  1. I could make the Saturday... I'm looking after a bunch of kids on the Sunday.
  2. Perdix, I'd love it if you could place Cash Bug into the pit stop... thanks! I'm keen to get it moving towards KZN some time... any volunteers heading in that direction?
  3. Hi, Actually PayPal does now accept South African credit cards. As of a few months ago they had a policy change. I've used them for a few things already. Check out https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_...untries-outside for information on their new list of countries that they support. South Africa is in the list of "countries using PayPal.com to send money only"... You can even get it so that PayPal will accept payments into your account, they just won't pay the money out into your bank... So you can recieve money in your account, but the only way you have to use it would be to buy things on websites. From Paul
  4. Hi Warthog, I've sent off a little package containing a TB for dzrtgrls to drop off somewhere. I was assured that it will get there on Tuesday so I didn't send it via SpeedServices. I'm not sure if that was a wise idea on my part, but hopefully it will be ok. I'm not sure how to hand the TB over since GC.com thinks its in my hands at the moment - I'm hoping that if dzrtgrls tells the site that she's found it, it will be passed from me to her automatically. Anyway, thanks for your help. From Paul PS: I got given a tracking number for the package (PE 424 105 240 ZA) not sure if it will help, but at least if it ends up in Poffadder I'll be able to find it and get the TB back in circulation.
  5. Also seeking a KZN Collaborator...
  6. I like the idea of having GPX downloads for all the caches in a country prerun, and available for download. I'm guessing that running those 300 odd queries would probably drop the number of PQ's that are executed quite drastically.
  7. A whole bunch of people have PM'ed me to say that GoogleEarth does read GPX/LOC files. Since the PM's are keeping on coming I thought I'd post something to say that I have been told, and to let other's who read this know that GoogleEarth does it already. So please stop PM'ing me to tell me that GoogleEarth already does what I was trying to make it do.
  8. Please add me to the developer list... I've started building an app (to convert .loc/.gpx files to Google Earth locations, so I can quickly visualise what caches are in the area around me)
  9. Ok... I'm gonna go get a bug from geocacher.co.za just for this. So please add my bug to the list for the race!
  10. Cool... I'll try sending one of my mates' TB's on. (first I'll have to find one of them - not sure where they are) If I find one of them I'll mail it to you.
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