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Chat Room - No Software Required

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A couple of weeks use has thrown up some additional notes and queries so here is the updated instructions. The instructions may look a little complicated but so long as you follow them carefully it is very easy.


The following link will allow you to get in to StuartP's Geocaching Chat Room without downloading a piece of software - although you will need to have 'Java' installed. (If you have problems loading the webpage see the notes on Java below).




Click the link above and then bookmark it for future use.


You will have to wait a moment whilst the applet logs on.


When you see 'End of MOTD Command' you are logged on to the server.


*NOTE 1. If you don't get 'End of MOTD Command' and you can see 'GeoGuest Nickname already in use'. This means someone else is logging on. Allow a couple of moments before refreshing the web browser (F5).


When logged on please type the following;


/nick *your cache name* (eg. /nick hokesters and press enter.


*NOTE 2. Your Chat Room Nickname must not contain anything other than alphanumeric characters and no spaces you may use hyphen '-' or underscore '_'.


when you have logged your nickname now type;


/join geocaching


You are now ready to chat - Enjoy!


Java Notes -

You must have Java installed to run this webpage. Java is a small add-on for Internet Explorer or Firefox which allows your browser to run small programs within the browser window.


If you do not have Java installed you should be prompted to install it when you first run the chatroom link. If not it could be because of your security settings.


Visit Java Home an click the 'Windows XPI - Download'.


Follow the instructions then try to reload the chat room link. If you are still having problems it could be security settings in your browser.


In Firefox - Tools>>Options>>Web Features - ensure both Enable Java and Enable Javascript are ticked.


In IE - Tools>>Options>>Advanced - ensure Java is enabled.


If you are still having problems it is most likely to be your firewall settings. At this point you need to contact the manufacturer/supplier/administrator of the firewall.


Good Luck!

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To log on using an IRC client please use the following server settings;


IRC Server: greed.uk.nixhelp.org

Server Port: 6667

Channel: #geocaching

ok thanks i'm on there now :lol:


it works ok with Opera, both with the integrated IRC client, and by visiting the webpage.


now less time talking and more time caching :laughing:

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