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Has anyone ever tried to chase someone via GPS? I know companies can track their vehicle via GPS but what about a person? I know these system are expensive and probably not practical for this. But I was thinking of something like this, each part of this would have to have two team members. The “Runner” would relay their current coordinates to the “Tracker”. The Tracker would input the coordinates into a web page. These updates would come about every 2 to 3 minutes. On the chasing team the “Dispatcher” would be watching the web page and relaying the coordinates to the “Chaser”. About every twenty minutes the Runner would stop for about 10 minutes. This would give the Chaser some time to close in. I do have some concerns about people driving their car while talking on the phone and checking the GPS. But I was thinking that the Dispatcher would play a more important role in navigating the Chaser in close. Then the Chaser would work more when the Runner stopped. This is just a rough thought. Let me know what you think.

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The terrain and area would be up to the people playing and should be defined before the game starts. I personally wouldn't want it to difficult so more people would be willing to play. As for the accuracy I don't see it being much different then the standard caching now, but I would include a discription of the runner such as wearing a Red Texas Rangers cap and a green short sleeve shirt. This way they could stand out in a crowd. But that to could depend on the players

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There was an event cache in PA, I think somewhere near State College. I forget how exactly it ended up working, but I think the plan was that the fox would have a pre-determined set of waypoints tht they would have to go to. It sounded pretty cool, but I don't remember exactly how it worked out.


IV Warrior is a forum regular, and I think he was involved with the event, maybe he coule post and share some about the event...

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I found the event I was referring to earlier: Fox Hunt: Tally-Ho!


The cache page doesn't say much about it, but there's a forum discussion somewhere with a bit more..


Okay, here we go. A discussion about it in the organized geocaching forum can be found here: Fox Hunt


And a discussion more specific to the event itself can be found in the Northeast forum, here: Cross Post: Fox Hunt

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If someone will follow you where ever you go, let's say "nature" catches up with you. And you decide to relieve yourself by the nearest tree. And the "GeoStalker" catches you them. Now won't that be candid! :P

Actually that is HOW the VC stalked our boys in Viet Nam. Apparently, they would follow trails of the "white stuff" to track troop movement (didn't the GI's carry a collapsable shovel??). After this was discovered, the Army switched to camo TP.

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