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  1. Kind of looks like one those girls you see on Yahoo! Personals advertisements. I must be looking at the wrong Yahoo personals!!!!
  2. There are many forms of geeks. Movie, computer, band, theatre, car, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Roleplaying, D&D, etc.. Geek in and of itself has nothing to do with technology. It seems to me it's just another form of saying you specialize. However I am a movie and computer geek, plus a few others.
  3. MadMarty, welcome to the Internet. You will find many people who do not act their age when writing a forum post. Doesn't matter what website forum they are in, who owns it, or who runs it. Call me a thread killer, but this one is way past due as this horse was beaten, very much dead, on the first page. and to quote Monty Python once again. "He's bleedin' demised! He's snuffed it. Ceased to be. Gone to meet his maker." and "Bring out your dead!" Not necessarily in that order.
  4. I can see it now Cold Cathode lights, a new window, and fans to cool it down!
  5. I was at REI today looking to buy a Gerber Truss 2.0 knife and found the Gerber Clutch. http://www.rei.com/product/47945346.htm?vc...SHP_CAMPING_TOC It's a mini multi-tool. $17.95. Has a small pair of (fat)needle nose and a blade on the outside. What sold me on it, besides the needle nose, was the fact it had tweezers built-in. I figured this little guy was just what I was looking for for geocaching, after someone way up the thread mentioned something about using their multi-tool for pulling out logs in micro's. So I started looking for a more light weight multi-tool, but somehow while I was looking for the above knife, I totally missed seeing it on Gerber's website.(Just looked on their site and it's not there. Strange.) It may turn into my new favorite multi-tool.
  6. http://us.locknlock.com/main.asp They have all the size info you'll ever need. Finding them in stores is the tough part.
  7. This seems timely... Tron Lightcycles, in Real Life http://hardware.slashdot.org/article.pl?si...&tid=222&tid=10
  8. Someone has to say it... Because it's an AMERICAN website. 'nuff said.
  9. I'm in the minority apparently, but I like my Gerber. One of these days I'm going to order a personalised one. The Gerber(s) I have also have the add on screwdriver attachment. When I was actually doing alot of PC tinkering I used it a good bit. Need to start carrying it with me when I go caching. Never know what kind of problems I might run into with a cache. Forgot to add that the kind I have has the Needlenose.
  10. I have only come across one Lock'n'lock so far and it was definitely painted. I have a lock'n'lock that i bought I'd like to use for a cache, but I'm curious about painting it. I'm sure it's going to depend on what type of paint you use. Doesn't Rustoleum make a spray paint for plastics these days?
  11. Now all you need is some Red Eyes shining from that dark area!
  12. Hmm, Oscillation Overthruster & Flux Capacitor are taken. I can't think of one.
  13. Finally I know how to get those magnets off their brackets! Thank you thank you thank you. I tried finding info on how to do that and all I found was boil them in hot water. *sarcasm* Boy that worked well. /sarcasm
  14. I've been reading the forums for a while to figure out what would make a "useful" geocaching trade item and on the cheap. Of all the signature items I think a writing instrument is the best. I read several cache logs about people forgetting to take a pen or pencil to write with, which is what lead to my decision. I found a place that customizes pens and it was only $.39 a pen in a lot of 100. The text was free, but if you want to use a logo there is a one time fee. I just did the text. Here is what I put on mine: Geocaching Trade Item From Ice_man Now of course this isn't great for micro's, but oh well. I did search for a small pen that might fit in a 35mm canister, but I couldn't find anything that small. So far I've only placed one pen, but thats because I haven't been out caching as much as I'd like to lately. I did hand out a couple of pens at our latest group meeting though.
  15. www.ripvan100.com The above site sells rechargeable batteries, but they also have these neat containers to store batteries in. http://www.ripvan100.com/products_travelcase.htm They call them Tube-velopes. They are a soft rubber or plastic(vinyl like?) material thats flexible and can carry 8 AA's at a time.
  16. I'd like to point out a very well done cemetary cache that takes you to several interesting points along the way. I don't want to give away any details in case there are people maybe hoping to do this one in the future. Doc Holliday, Where Are You Now I have lived in the town where the cache was placed since I was born (thats nearly 35 years for those counting.) and never knew about all the interesting graves in this cemetary. As long it's well done and the cache placed appropriately, I'm all for it.
  17. I have a 12 and was out using it at an event. When the thing was saying I was 100 feet off and there was little foliage or cover, I knew I needed a better one. One of my friends had bought the uber version of the GPS60 and I started researching it. The 60 is a huge improvement features wise. There were several reasons why I bought a 60 (basic unit sells for $159 from GPS4fun.com). Features were the main reasons. USB download, it supports the actual Cache names and not the GC whatever cryptic ones. (Some people prefer them, I dont. Doesn't require me to print out the cache so I know what I'm going after.) There is a Geocache "mode", it uses less batteries, and it's just a nicer unit over all. The price is just a few dollars more than a 12.
  18. You need to speak to Mr. Wonka about that.
  19. Here I am thinking that what he meant is when the cache gets natural water, not the bottled kind.
  20. Try REI. I bought a pair of OneSport hiking boots several years ago. Still using them and they are in good shape. They were the only thing they had in 15's. I can wear anything from 15-17 depending on who makes the shoe.
  21. I like my Sherlock 'cause it comes with a sharp pointy end.
  22. I have the Tracks Sherlock Hiking Pole. It's aluminum and adjustable. One of the tips they tell you when hiking is being able to shorten or lengthen the pole for going up and down hills as it takes pressure off your knees or something. When I'm out and about it's normally set at about waist high so it's set just higher than a cane would be. I had to use it at it's shortest the other day to help me get up a really steep climb on Stone Mountain. Even though there was a handrail, the pole gave me additional traction. I think wooden hiking sticks are nice and all, but after having to use my Sherlock to it's fullest(shortest) extent the other day, I like it alot more. Also helps to poke around in holes where you think a cache may be. Never know what could be in there. I've been to several caches to scout them out only to not have my Sherlock with me and wish I had. Some of these caches can be in some strange places. I usally leave them alone and come back when I can dedicate more time to the search. The Sherlock sells for $49 or so at REI. I actually had bought it when they had a 20% one item discount not long ago.
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