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Help With Paperless Caching

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So, yesterday was my first attempt at going paperless. Loaded up about 77 caches in the area that we would be caching in onto my PDA, and managed to load all the coordinates into my GPS (Etrex yellow) as well. What I couldn't figure out an easy way to do was to figure out which caches were closest to where we were at so we wouldn't be driving all over the place searching (my 77 caches were in a 10-mile radius from a certain zip code). We managed to find about 5 either going by the title of the cache, or dumb luck, but there has to be an easier way, right? :o Any help on this would be appreciated!

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You didn't say what Program you were using. If you can export to a map like MS Streets and Trips you can zoom out and see whats close and use the map to plan your caches.


Failing that I use the method above and use my GPS to tell me what's close then look that up on the PDA. After that I can set the cache on my PDA as where I'm at and see what's close.

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I don't try to do it totally paperless...Probably because I am a visual person and I don't have an extensive mapping program on my GPS or PDA. Before I head out, I use the GC maps to find a fairly cache-dense area that has a handful of caches that I want to find. I print a map of the 25 caches nearest a cache I really want to do and I cut and paste the list of caches from that page into a word program (So I can make it smaller and more condensed).


When I get to the cache area and find out what the area is like, I can use the "nearest caches" feature on my PDA to locate caches that I might not have planned to do ahead of time. Sometimes I get to an area and find I really want to spend more time there. The map gives me something to orient myself to when I am looking for a few more caches that are close. Say, for example, that I learn after I get to a cache that it is in a nice park that I really want to explore, and I look on the PDA and find that there are four more caches within a half a mile of where I am standing (all in the park). All I have to do at that point is plug the cords in my GPS (if they aren't already there) and head on over to the new destinations.

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what we always do here with a GPS map60C and an old palm IIIC, is

I go on www.geocaching.com. and if I run a pocket querie from the area that i will be going(only if you are a paid member you can do that), then you open GSAK, and from GSAK I set the filters out for the caches that I want to do,(example..difficulty and terrain less than 3)..then from there I export a cachemate file and install that cachemate file to my PALM IIIC.(that is only if you buy cachemate it only cost like 7-8$....is is worth is price).

then when we leave on our trip..we just need to click on find...geocache....search for nearest..and once the gps tells us the nearest cache from our location, we just need to check on the palm and read the cache description/ hints/ etc....

It saves us a hell of a lot of paper, ink, and time doing it this way.


and the only thing you really need to buy is cachemate for a 7-8$ GSAK works without paying for it,....but DARN NAG SCREEN lol

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What kingquad said about CacheMate.


Download CacheMate


Cost is $8 for registration # (must provide your PDA Hotsync user name).


You can actually try it FREE without registration # (but trial restrictions limit you to loading only 10 Caches on the PDA).


But's that's enough to test the software and the features to tell if it's right for you.

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For its price, Cachemate is the best software I've ever purchased. I can't imagine caching without having all the information for some 600 caches on my Palm . . . you just never know which location you might end up at. :D


The next most useful software I have purchased -- for the price -- is probably GSAK, followed by Opera. :D

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