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Used Books In Cache

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Hi all!


I did do a search about what cachers deem acceptable/unacceptable in a cache. I get the hint that McToys are evil (even though my dd would love the mini beanies or a little collectable doll they had given out) and that you should trade up. With that in mind, what about used books/novels? I generally buy my novels/fluff books at used bookstores, because I don't care if they have that "new book smell" or if they are crisp. I read 'em once, then pass them along. So, what about putting one as a trade in a cache--all pages intact, sometimes a bit rumpled. I read about this site that tracks books that you leave with a card inside...I can't remember the site name or I would do that as well. I know there are some caches specifically geared toward books, but I am asking if it is tacky to leave Timeline or The Aquitine Progression or such in a regular cache. We would also leave something else, because my 6 yo daughter loves to trade--and trades good stuff. :anitongue:



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A wonderful game!  I love finding Bookcrossing books left in random places.

That's it!!! Thanks!!! I googled 'till my fingers turned blue and couldn't come up with the site. :rolleyes:


Ziplocs---great idea. <_<

Soooo is it unethical to put a bookcrossing book in a geocache? Then it is only for the population of geocachers, not the general pop, so not a true cross-section? :anitongue: I believe geocachers would be more apt to log in the book though, since we log in our caches.


Thanks again for the link!

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We would love to find more books in caches. don't forget kid books too. We found one Nancy Drew and my 11yo son snatched that up. He rarely takes things because things are generally too young or too old for him. But books in ziplocs are great. Even if they are used.

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Soooo is it unethical to put a bookcrossing book in a geocache?

From their website:


"Go Hunting


Hunt for books the BookCrossing way - below is the list of countries with books in the wild! After registering and releasing a book, members have the option of making Release Notes, specifying where exactly (or approximately) they left a book."


They don't seem to be as uptight as the Where's George folks, so I'd say yeah, geocaches are A OK.


Share a book, that's their main objective.

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While not devoted specifically to BookCrossing books, there are other caches with specific instructions to only trade a book for a book. Just think - an ammo can in the woods filled with nothing but books others have read. I found one that had ziploc bags devoted to certain genres (one for mysteries, one for romance novels, one for kids books, etc - a total of nine categories if I remember correctly.)

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The only thing I'd have a problem with is if the book took up all of the space in the cache. I'd love to find an interesting book in a cache, but most of the caches I visit around here are too small (typically peanut butter jars, or the like).

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They don't seem to be as uptight as the Where's George folks, so I'd say yeah, geocaches are A OK.


I do Where's George, too--just not as much as I used to. That thought is where my question originated, b/c they really don't want WG $ in caches. I thought it would be cool, but I guess I understand and will respect the wishes of the founder. :anitongue:



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We have recently placed our first book cache - "Springside Library" - which has already been found and books traded.


The container is large enough for 6 to 8 paperbacks or smallish hard-cover books. We look forward to going to 'raid' our own cache soon when the books have been exchanged - could be some hat we haven't read yet!


This is one cache I don't mind doing the maintenance on! :huh:

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There are two book-only caches on my alma mater's campus. Great caches, and not all of the books were brand new. As several have said before, use Zip-Loc bags.


I've also found books in other caches. I personally like them, even if they are "used". (Besides, how many McToys, trinkets, and other things people leave as swag are used?)

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Books in Pacific Northwest caches tend to absorb moisture no matter what type of container they're put in, or how well they're wrapped. However, I did enjoy one particular find: a pocket dictionary of Spanish medical phrases. Not only did it help me learn a few new words in Spanish, I was able to pass it along to a friend who works at the front desk of a medical center which has a number of Latino (-a) clients. I think I'd put that book on my Top Ten Swag Items list!

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Sounds like a great idea to me!! I love to read and finding books would be a great find to me. My problem is that I like to hang on to too many books!! :huh:

I've been sick for about 5 months, so I've been getting mindless drivel ( :unsure: ) paper backs at Goodwill to entertain my non-functuning brain. I've been wondering what to do with these loads of books that were fine, but I don't really need more books, so what to do? We have two floor to ceiling bookcases in our living room, and two more of the same downstairs, as well as numerous other smaller bookcases throughout the house.


I think that I'm gonna go out and hide an ammo can very soon. :huh:


Thanks for the idea, all! :blink:

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I just wanted to say 'thank you' for mentioning bookcrossing.com in this thread. I hadn't heard of it previously and I recently went out and placed my first book registered with bookcrossing.com in a cache this past weekend.


I noticed that under the links section at that site geocaching.com is linked.


That is pretty cool of them.


wheresgeorge is cool too, but they frown upon using geocaches as a dispersement mechanism whereas bookcrossing.com encourages it.


Let's face it, leaving a used book in a cache tops 99.9% of the crap that is normally left in a cache so I don't see how the merging of the two can be anything but positive.

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Cool, cool! I have a few books I have registered now, just awaiting the right cache with the right amt of room (and a ziplock or two...I keep forgetting!).


Thanks for the article, too!


I was just concerned that people would be offended because the book was used---I can see that others see like I do--a used book reads the same as a new one, only you can read more used for the price! :unsure:


I am excited about it...I hope to get one in this weekend. I know of some ammo can caches that I have already found. Maybe I can do a drop in one of those?!?


Jenn in AZ

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