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  1. Thank you. I used to know that. Just proves how rusty I am
  2. I haven't written up a page for a new placement for a long time, well two years. It was that I could add links e.g. <a href= "http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/1966/todd-charles/1">. That coding on new pages no longer works for me. Is it possible to include links still and, if so, what is the method? Jim
  3. By Date Placed as I recall. The 1000 newest ones being included in the PQ Jim
  4. Thanks. That is exactly the method I am using. I still probably need to get the settings sorted. Jim
  5. I can do that tonight, we have a benchmark down the road and I've wanted to check out the difference between my phone (Nexus4) and the GLO. I was going to take the dog for a walk anyway I'll do a couple points around the house too. Katie uses the GLO but we hid 6 caches together yesterday. When I compared data the phones was ~2-4m from her GLO which seems far but I was standing 2-3m away in all cases. I was surprised how close the the two devices were. I don't think the GLO is filtering if you open the Log it's more data than what would be shown if it was averaging 10samples/second before sending it. I assume that you are using an app to "pair" your GPSr and the GLO so that you get the coordinates acquired showing on your phone. I have just purchased a GLO and have a Galaxy S4 and haven't yet figured out how to link them. I would like to be able to use the combination for both hiding and finding geocaches, or any other locations. I still have a lot to learn so any/all advice will be helpful. Jim
  6. Thanks for the links, very interesting. Also many thanks for the prompt reply. Jim
  7. Has anybody on this forum had any experience with using Garmin GLO receivers? I'd like to hear about any pros or cons particularly using with an Android phone. Jim
  8. Hi, I am trying to build a Wherigo us the Urwigo platform. Establishing and manipulating zones is very easy, however I want have the player pickup (add to their Inventory) some specified object in each of the zones. I have created the objects but haven't worked out how to move (put) them into their respective zones. Nor have I been able to get the coding right for the pickups. Can anyone help, please. Jim
  9. Thank you. I used this approach and got the results I was looking for. In fact I managed to garner from GC.com five caches that fit the criteria I was using.
  10. I am trying to get the details of any active geocaches that were placed either in California or an adjacent state in November of 2000. Please post a note on this forum or a PM to me if you'd prefer. Jim
  11. I imagine that question has been asked, and answered, many times. I know about VMs but would prefer a programme written specifically for Mac IOS. Jim
  12. Does anybody recognise the type of code that is displayed? http://screencast.com/t/QXhN7Bbe and here http://screencast.com/t/LZs0wxIvQ There should be coordinates somewhere near S46° 26.346 E168° 22.310 Something like QR maybe? O.F.
  13. What store? It doesn't seem to be in the App Market. Jim
  14. Three overlapping circles will give you one point of confluence.
  15. Not the standard "proximity alarm" sound. What I am asking about is the one that shows proximity circles on a map. The Montana has that feature and so do some of the other Garmin GPSs but it is missing on the Oregon x50 series. Downloading from the Montana WPs with proximities set to Base Camp will show circles of the set radii around those WPs. Jim
  16. This application is available on the Montana and some of the earlier Garmin devices. However it is not part of the Oregon repertoire. I would like to make this as a feature request. Jim
  17. True, but by using GSAK and the macro I am able to have all the information I want presented on the Montana where I want it e.g. added to 1st log. Jim
  18. There is a very good macro that GSAK users can get at the link below: http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=20548&st=0entry148301 I have use it extensively and it is very easy to use. Jim
  19. The GSAK Forum is a very good source for help and information. The people there are very patient and understanding when it comes to helping newbies. To download from GSAK to the Montana I highly recommend the GSAK Macro "Universal Garmin Download". This is available from the Macros Index. The paid membership of GSAK is more than well worth its' cost. If you ask your questions on the GSAK Forum you will be amazed at the amount, and quality, of help you get. Good luck from Montana owner who is also a very frequent GSAK user. Jim
  20. The Garmin Montana Wiki is a very good source for "How to"s I'll attach the URL later. Jim It's here: http://garminmontana.wikispaces.com/
  21. I followed all of your steps with exactly the same result. When I re-booted the Montana the new WP was accessible and re-nameable. Jim
  22. A School Geocaching Project An initiative by a geocaching school in Canada has given me the idea to do something the same at our local Area School. The Canadian project has been to obtain 40 TB tags and have them identified as belonging to a particular school group (class). These have been posted to eight geocachers around the world, five to each. The undertaking given by these geocachers was to release them, place them, in caches to commence their journeys back to their owners. The following link is to one of the TBs that I released: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?guid=8579316d-2bd9-4185-b0b6-c94a0cdd2e86 This project is explained at: http://course.nordtic.net/ I have approached the Principal of our local school and he is very much in favour of the idea and we will put it into action early next year, 2012. My purpose in writing this is to get some backing for this local project. I would be happy to provide more information and discuss some of the setting up details if you would care to send me a personal email. My address for email purposes is onslowfisherman@gmail.com I will be looking for 10 geocachers around the world who will be prepared to release one of the TBs in their neighbourhood. Would you be prepared to be one of them? Currently I have Australia, USA, Canada and South Africa covered. Somebody from Europe, Asia and South America would be good. Offers from anywhere would be looked at and I will contact those who give me the greatest/best coverage. Jim
  23. How did I get an Ohio State Souvenir? What are/were to requirements needed to qualify for this. It's a mystery, Jim
  24. Just installed v2.0.5 and downloaded a PQ with 1000 caches. Brilliant!!!!!!! took next to no time. Very well done guys. Jim :rolleyes:
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