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What About F.t.f. Prize

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Anybody have ideas about leaving a nice prize in a new cache for the F.T.F. I came up with the idea of a nice walking stick left on the top of the cache since cachers like to hike. Well most of us do anyway. I had the idea while in Arizona this winter. I love to make the sticks nice with carving and F.T.F geocaching carved into the body of the stick. Make a nice handle and then finish and waterproof with Linseed for a nice shinny surface. I hid my first one not long ago at Elephant Rock and it went over very well. F.T.F even posted a photo. Second one went out and also was well liked. Now the third is at Gooseberry Flats cache (not yet approved). So it will be fun to see who finds that one. Anyone else leave a F.T.F. prize and if so what? We had the local Feild and Stream club hide a cache not long ago and they really did a great job. Cache wah full of great items. It would be fun to hear about some of the things that you have found as a F.T.F.sort of prize.

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Sounds like very nice prizes!!!


I generally don't leave a specific FTF prize but have on occasion. I left a Timex watch with Electronic Compass Once ($25) and a used Palm Pilot another ($25 or so value).


I have only a handful of FTF including a book about the cache area, stuffed animal, homemade bead necklace (nice) and a few others.

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I leave finders buttons. They are unique and have the cache name on them and some of my meagre artwork. People seem to like those. I leave about a dozen in my new caches... gives people something to remember the cache by later.


On each of my last two caches I spent about $100 in prizes for the early finders.


Click here to see some of the finder buttons. Here's some others I've done.

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Don't worry too much about FTF prizes. We've been FTF for 6 regular caches and one earthcache. None of them had FTF prizes and we don't care! We're not going for the prize, we're going for the experience.


We're going after Old Blind Duck tomorrow and hoping to be FTF. It's got a FTF prize but it's the canoe trip with my three sons that's going to make it the day, not the prize.

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Although they are minimal in cost, I leave stickers that are similar to those oval OBX stickers you often see on cars. They have "FTF" in the middle and around the edge it has "A Cub Cache." They were about a buck thirty each and the local cachers seem to love them. It also helps increase the visability of cacher in the area and reveals their vehicles so we can cut their tires so they can't continue beating us to the FTF. (just kidding on that but it's what I jokingly tell people)

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