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Passing Through Johannesburg


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I thought I’d put the word out early that I will be passing through Johannesburg on my way home to California from Botswana. If anyone wants to hand over any items, figuring signature items and TBs, for placement in California caches, I’d be happy to take them with me.


I will be at the airport in Johannesburg August 15, 2005 from 2:00PM to 9:00PM. If you have items you want to pass on, just send me an e-mail (dzrtgrls@cox.net) or post on the forum so we can make arrangements.


Niki of the Dzrtgrls

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Hi there,


I see you have not had any replies yet. I will prepare a Travel bug, that I will drop off with you on 15 August. Maybe I can make time to set up a cache parcel with South African items that you can take along and place somewhere in USA when you are back there.

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Hi There,

We like the idea of our signature cards being taken over to the States. Is there somewhere that we can post some to?

Azaruk - He, uses his own original wildlife photographs on his cards.

Azarul - She - uses Dragon images and Wizards.


They are laminated so withstand alot of handling.

We would really like to send some of these States side - Who can we send them to?

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Warthog, looks like you have the magic touch. I would love to meet you at the airport to retrieve a TB and possibly other items to take back to the US, but only if it is convenient for you. Maybe I could give you a TB and a variety of geocoins to place in caches in South Africa. I will e-mail you some more info.


GlobaRat, if Warthog is okay with bringing the TB to the airport I’d be happy to bring it back with me to the US.


Azaruk, you are welcome to send your sig items to me to disburse in local caches. If you want them to be spread out more across the US I am sure I can find some folks to send some to so they can place the cards in caches near them. I will e-mail you my address.


Niki of the Dzrtgrls

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Hi there,


I have made a note in my diary for visiting the airport on 12 August. I will drop in after work, between 16:30 and 17:00 to exchange the items.


To Azaruk and others who would like me to take items along, but is unable to drop off in the Jhb area, my postal address is:


PB Keyter

PO Box 146216

Bracken Gardens




Please, post a note here of what and when items were posted, so that I may check postbox regularly.


:mad: Any gifts, cheques, cash, etc. for my personal use may also be mailed to this address B)

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Hi Warthog,


I've sent off a little package containing a TB for dzrtgrls to drop off somewhere. I was assured that it will get there on Tuesday so I didn't send it via SpeedServices. I'm not sure if that was a wise idea on my part, but hopefully it will be ok.


I'm not sure how to hand the TB over since GC.com thinks its in my hands at the moment - I'm hoping that if dzrtgrls tells the site that she's found it, it will be passed from me to her automatically. Anyway, thanks for your help.





PS: I got given a tracking number for the package (PE 424 105 240 ZA) not sure if it will help, but at least if it ends up in Poffadder I'll be able to find it and get the TB back in circulation. ;)

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Hi all,


Just to ensure that you are still ariving at JHB international on Friday, 12 Aug. I will be at the airport between 17:00 and 18:00. I have two of my own TBs and see that the parcel from Rathlan (according to the trace no) is now awaiting me at the post office. I will collect it this evening, so there is another TB. Will see what other African goodies I have to send along.


Regards Petrus (Team Warthog)

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Gosh, I feel terrible as I have messed up the date for my arrival in Johannesburg. I will be at the airport tomorrow, 8/14, not 8/15. I am so sorry. I will have access to the forums tomorrow morning at 10AM Botswana time. The internet cafe I am it is closing now so that's it for now. I am really sorry about the confusion.

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Pleeeeeez let us know how to get hold of you at the airport!

I am going to try and be out at the front of the airport. I am 5'7", white with freckles, reddish hair, and I am wearing khaki colored pants and a grey t-shirt that says North Face. Unfortunately my cell service provider failed to send me the unlock code for the phone I brought with me so I am unable to use my phone with my SA SIM card. I will see if I can find a payphone at the airport that will accept incoming calls. I can then call the other Dzrtgrl and have her post the phone number. I am really sorry about the terrible communications!



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I have arrived at the Johannesburg airport and will be in the PostNet internet cafe on the second floor of the retail area near domestic departures and arrivals. I will stay here until about 6:30PM and will monitor the forum. Still no luck with the cell phone even though it shows I have service.



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Since I have screwed this up royally I will gladly pay to have all the items shipped that were going to be dropped off at the airport if we can't meet up. I will still stay at PostNet until 6:30PM. If I am not inside I am standing in front of PostNet or I have run to the restroom for a minute.

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