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Going Paperless

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For all the paperless verterans on board...


Which has better software for geocaching? Palm or PPC?

What is the best geocaching software for handhelds and is compatible with GSAK?

What is the minimum RAM requirements for the handheld?


If I go this way I'll be just buying a unit off of Ebay for the cheapest I can get. Unless the software will work on an old Handspring Unit. Only thing I dislike is that I have to change the AAA bateries in the Handspring.


Looking forward to your comments.



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I have a Palm M500 and use Cachemate ($8.00).


It has enough memory for lots of caches, but that model accepts memory cards if you want more programs on the Palm.


The other day I was out caching with someone who has a newer color Palm. She was amazed how bright my screen was and how easy it was to read in the sun.


She could only read hers in the shade.

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I am using a Handspring and am having absolutely no problem. This morning I downloaded 1042 cache pages via GSAK and CacheMate. I haven't figured out just how many caches will fit in there, but I doubt I'll ever need anywhere near the amount I've downloaded.


It only takes a minute to clear out the old info and load all the new. Came in handy today when I did an extra cache that I hadn't planned to do. The 'tudes were very bad, but I was able to salvage the cache by checking past logs while at the cache area.


A great thing about using the old Handspring is that if for some reason it gets damaged, you won't think of the money you've lost.

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Thanks for the info. I pulled out and dusted off my Hanspring Visor and got it up and running. Downloaded cachemate to give it a try and I have to say that the setup is very nice.


So, I paid my $8 for Cachemate and am looking forward to not having to lug around my book of printed cache pages. SWEET!!!!!!!!


This paperless caching is excellent!!!!!!!!!



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Re your comment about the AAA batteries in your original post - many people prefer that to having to make sure your PDA is always charged. Colour screens need the backlight on al lthe time and a couple of hours use is often al lit takes to get the power right down. The older AAA battery models allow you to swap batteries in the field, and can run for weeks in normal use.

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I use my Dell Axim X50v PPC PDA with a 1GB CF card for just about everything and it works well. Battery life is good and getting the extended-life battery helps a lot. As long as your not walking around with the thing always on and the backlight always lit, then you won't have to worry too much about battery life. Get an extended-life battery and a car charger and it will never be an issue. I also have a Pharos iGPS-SD for my PDA that I use mostly for road navigation.

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Re your comment about the AAA batteries in your original post - many people prefer that to having to make sure your PDA is always charged.

We just got a Palm Zire 21 so we could go paperless. It would be really nice having a AAA battery option instead of the recharge cable. I will have to make sure that it's fully charged before heading out every time. I am NOT good at doing that. Half of the time I forget to make sure I have a disk in my digital camera and end up missing out on great shots. LOL!


I loaded the pages for our local caches so I could see how it works and I am really jazzed about using the Palm for caching. I used the HTML pages created by GSAK and they look good to me. Much better than cutting and pasting the pages into Word and printing them all from there. I'm sure I'm missing some kind of great feature so I'll keep playing but so far I'm really happy.

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I cache with a Palm Zire 31. I must say that the color screen thing is not a huge problem, at first I had trouble but then I managed to adjust the settings so it would be readable.


Also, I would not suggest a Zire if you want to use NMEA to connect your GPS, it does not have a serial port and the USB->Serial adapters won't work.

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