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  1. Funny, I just had that happen with three of my archived caches.
  2. Sweet. I figured it was a typical log, not saying anything too exciting but it is good to know. Thanks for your help.
  3. Can someone please help me translate this log to English? Babelfish was not much help as I am really not even sure what language it is, so I hope someone here can help me. Thanks! Log Link
  4. This summer I am taking a trip down to the Outer Banks. It is a pretty long trip, and after I mapped it out in Mapsource I found that it would require 24 MB of maps, my GPS can only hold 8 MB. So, I pursued a solution to trim down the maps so that they only include the data from they areas I will be traveling, essentially, I wanted to find an easy way to cut them down a little. I found a program called Mapdekode that would take the Garmin maps and decompile them into a text file, that was easy to edit by hand. So, I wrote a little app that would parse the files, then delete any data outside of an area that I predefined. Then I could use the Mapdekode program to get them back to Garmin img format and load them into Mapsource. So far, it works. It's not a perfect solution, but it really does a good job in getting the maps much, much smaller. I have also not tried to put them back into Mapsource yet, but Mapdekode claims it can do this. I just wanted to let you all know that I have a possible solution to this problem that other Garmin owners might be interested in. Let me know if you would like to know more, I'm curious to see if others have found similar solutions that may be better.
  5. Well, this cache was one of the most challenging as far as the pre-cache puzzle is concerned, it was not easy to find either: GCM4NK
  6. Mach 5

    Cool Gadget

    Does anyone have this thingy? Can anyone give any feedback on how it works? http://www.enochpower.com/ Looks kinda cool...although a little pricey.
  7. Mach 5

    Screen Name Swap

    Another issue, they have a dead e-mail account. So what does geocaching.com do when the account is totally dead? Do the accounts every lapse, or do they ever flag accounts for deletion if the user has not logged in after awhile?
  8. There is currently another user on this site that has a screen name that I am interested in, they are an inactive user with only one find that was like 2-3 years ago. Now, if I e-mailed this user and got their account password (assuming they don't want their account), would it be possible to port everything from my current account to another? Or, simply change screen names on my current account and cancel out the other account.
  9. I had a similar thing happen to me. I was out caching in some woods, and I saw a cop car approach, they pulled up to the edge of the woods and yelled, "Watchya doin'?" I replied, "Geocaching!" He yelled back, "Come over here!" So I walked out of the woods over to him and he said, "Yeah, that is a tough one, I spent over 2 hours looking for it" Well, it turns out it was another cacher and I was relieved at that, but now about the 2 hour part. He did end up giving me a hint on the cache. The copcacher was GeoKestrel.
  10. You hoarders are outnumbered...surrender your jeeps or prepare to be boarded!
  11. I was dumb and dropped one of my TB's in a cache and dropped a different bug on the site. So a few weeks later I notice a different bug is moving than what I expect. So, I got everything straightened out, but I was wondering how can you zero out, or reset a bug, so that it appears it has not moved at all?
  12. Cool mods, it will make a good contest picture. But, how bout you release that jeep for its intended purpose, travel?
  13. Sorry. How dare I speak bad about an approver *slaps self* They are all good people, right? With all the FUD flying its easy not to think so. In this case I doubt it was the fault of an approver, but lets not put that too far from reality. An approver is a person and can act inapproriately, this is not beyond the realm of possibility. Although we hope that the approvers appointed by geocaching.com are all ethical and play the game fair. Obviously, Keystone, this cache wouldn't even be in your queue so I'm not speaking badly on you or any of our local approvers. I haven't ever had problems in PA, so I guess my next few caches will sit at the bottom of the queue for a few extra days. *slaps self again*
  14. It sounds like your approver may be giving other cachers a heads up on the cache before it even came out. Does not sound like an ethical way for an approver to behave (abuse of "power"). Or, did you let any other local cachers in on where you were hiding your cache? It is this kind of behavior that cachers need to stop. Play the game by the rules, like everyone else, or don't play at all. Don't spoil it for the rest of us by cheating.
  15. We should pin this thread...the official white jeep whining thread. How does Groundspeak pick the distributors anyway?
  16. I was browsing through the photo gallery and I noticed some pics have as many as 5 or 6 jeeps in them. Forget it, they aren't getting my vote...I can't even get one jeep let alone 5 or 6. They should only allow *ONE* photo entry per person, period. That might help keep the jeeps moving. Because they allow one per month that gives people motivation to keep them (for the next month)
  17. I agree, I worked really hard to find a cache that supposed contained a WJTB, when I got there, no surprise, there was no jeep. Strange thing is that the jeep has been listed on the cache for the past month or so. There are many people that have no respect for the game and just like to hoard the jeeps. What is the point of hoarding them, you only need one anyway. If you have a few sitting around lets get those jeeps moving people.
  18. Mach 5

    Etrex Vista

    OK Garmin, how about a recall on these? I have had the same problem with my Legend.
  19. Mach 5

    New To Geocaching

    Familiarize yourself with the unit. They are easy to use, but you will want to get the hang of it before you go out into the field. Practice marking waypoints and navigating back to them. Start to take notice of how the unit acts when you get close to the waypoint you marked. Also take notice of how the unit reacts in general, get used to using all the information the unit gives you to get to your location (i.e. the arrow, the distance, etc). One thing that helps me is that when I get to within 50 ft or so of the cache, I turn my unit off, and use my brain to navigate from then on. Use the GPS to get close, remember that many caches can be found without the GPS. Put in a few caches as waypoints then try to find them. First enter them manually a few times then start using EasyGPS or GSAK and do it via the computer, entering things manually for awhile will help you appreciate the fast way. Plus, you will need to know the manual way for some multi/mystery caches. If you are interested in using your GPS for navigating on trips, then I would suggest that you pick up Mapsource, it is a great companion to the unit.
  20. Mach 5

    Color - Yes/no???

    The color eTrex's have more memory as well. The Vista has the compass and barometric altimeter, the Legends do not.
  21. Yes, awesome program. There is, however, one odd bug that if waypoint names are five characters, it adds a "<" character after the waypoint name, example: //Marker creation at specified Lat and Long. //click on marker to show pop up text/html. var GCBFA<Marker = new GMarker(new GPoint(-76.22165,44.738333),icon); map.addOverlay(GCBFA<Marker); var GCBFA<MSG ="<B>Tornadoland<br>Way Point Name: GCBFA< <BR>44.738333,-76.22165<hr width='200' color='black'><a href='http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=e5bcc58a-7146-4638-97d7-3b2812bc5a84' target='geo'>Launch Cache page</a> <BR>werdna: Placed By<BR> '10260'werdna' : Owner<BR> 'Traditional Cache' : Type<BR> 'Regular' : Container<BR> '2' : Difficulty<BR> '2' : Terrain<BR> 'Canada' : Country<BR> 'Ontario' : State<BR></b>"; GEvent.addListener(GCBFA<Marker, "click", function() { GCBFA<Marker.openInfoWindowHtml(GCBFA<MSG); });
  22. I'm trying to use the e-mail feature and I keep getting the following error: Mail download error. Error message is: Socket Error #10061 Connection refused. Why would I get that error? Could it be an issue with getting through a proxy or firewall?
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