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Downloading Waypoints - Help!!

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I just purchased a Garmin VistaC and am desparately trying to figure out how to download waypoints from this website onto my GPS. I downloaded the software that came with my GPS (MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager) and I connected the USB cable. I also downloaded EasyGPS. But when I go to download waypoints from this website or from the MapSource program, I get a message that says it can't find my device.


Please, please, please help me. It is driving me crazy trying to figure out what I am doing wrong as I am sure it's something simple!! Thanks.

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That just may do the trick. I didn't find anything in the manual about installing a driver. They just can't make this simple, can they! But I'm learning. I'll try that tonight and see what happens.


Thanks!! :laughing::)

The driver should be on the disk that came with the unit.

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I wrote out detailed instructions for setting up EasyGPS which are available on the New York Geocaching Organization's site here.


Take a quick read through that to make sure you followed all the steps to set up EasyGPS to work.


I have a USB connection for my Garmin 60c, and never had any trouble getting it to load the waypoints.


Good luck.

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