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Getting Ready To Travel To Uk

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My husband and I are going to the UK and want to do a little caching. We're going to be renting a car and meandering north from London, up to the Isle of Skye and then down to the southern coast...maybe Brighton? We don't really have a set in stone or even in sand plan. Does anyone have any particular caches that are must sees? We've tried looking up our own caches with postal codes from a B&B book, but every one give us about 70 hits! Help!!

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I guess it's a fair bet that you'll visit Stonehenge.


I would do Sun Gap, Woodhenge and Stonehenge which are all short and historically interesting. Cursus is also there and worth doing having in your GPS, but it's a bit more of a walk, but there is a fair bet you'll be making the walk anyway.


I would also point you in the direction of Geocacheuk.com - go to 'search' and choose the advanced option. Select a town (not all towns are in the database, county is another option or postcode if you have one) and choose a radius and you'll get a list of caches, press interactive map and you'll be able to click on the dots to see the cache pages.


Have a good time.

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Should you get down to canterbury, the pilgrims cache here is wonderful, gives you a tour of most of the interesting historical parts of a very pretty city, and makes a wonderful trip. Canterbury is very well known for its spectacular catherdral.



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If on your travels you are on the London to Portsmouth Road (A3) Gilbert's Cache and Streaming Along are both worth a short detour, they are both in a small typical English Village and based around the home of Gilbert White a famous English naturalist, there is a fantastic zig zag path that Gilbert and his brother cut out the hill and if thats not enough there are a couple of great pubs and a great Ye Olde English Tea Shoppe - have a great holiday :huh:

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Oh and for where we're staying...we'll just say that we were cachers before we knew such a thing existed. On every vacation, we grab a map of the area, book a hotel for the first night (to help us out with our jet lag) and then we pick a spot on the map, pop in our rental car and we're off! Sooo, long explanation short, we have NO idea where we're going or how long we'll be there. :huh: But I'm sure it'll be an adventure and we'll have tons of stories.

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...and if you get the chance, don't forget to have a bash at some of the backwater public footpathss of the country.


We still get amazed by the funny, forgotten corners in our own backyard! You think you know an area - until you get to walk it - usually by the courtesy of a geo-cacher.


When we are not caching or cycling, we just punch out a brisk 8 mile circular walk virtually at random using public footpaths. We plot the route on an Ordnance Survey map on the PC, drop it into the GPS (and Ipaq) and bimble off for the day. We have always enjoyed following these routes that criss-cross the countryside from days of old.


You simply see so much more...

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