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Center Of Population Monuments


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Thanks for the link. From what I read from the company that produced the monuments, all 50 states monuments were placed. They were each an individually made commemorative with a scene on them specific to that state sort of like the state quarters except they were each 8 to 10 inches in diameter and set in some kind of monument. Seems to me to be ready made Virts. I found the info on the CT one and am going to go check it out. I'd like to make these Virtual caches if I can get all the data. Got an email into the company that made them.

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I think it's required by geocaching.com for any cache creator, even virtual ones, to visit the site where the cache is to be and get a GPS reading.


Which then suggests to the rest of the benchmarkers in our community that they should go find their state's Center of Population marker, as they were created under the auspices of the NGS, and create a cache, virtual or physical, there. This is a neat crossover between the geocaching and benchmarking communities.

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My impression, after trying unsuccessfully to get a virtual cache approved some time back (ca. Dec. 2003), is that there is now a strong bias against virtual caches. Or at least the folks who approve them seem to be able to disapprove based on whim or fancy, not on the plain reading of the published criteria and the example of previously-approved caches. If I remember correctly I was told that if it's feasible to place a physical cache somewhere in the vicinity, the virtual will be disapproved. Which basically means that virtual caches are virtually extinct.


But after that I lost interest, so maybe the interpretation of the rules has been eased since then.



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If you are interested in the situation on virtuals, here is a LINK to a recent discussion of their existance (or extinction) on our local SoCal forum. If you read it, keep in mind that "FullOn" is the local (S.CA) Geocaching.com approver (and by the way, a very nice & reasonable guy).


As the owner of several "grandfathered" virtuals (at Disneyland & environs), I'm kind of discouraged also, but as they say, you can't fight city hall (or in this case GC.com).

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After reading that thread I see even less reason why this wouldn't be approved as a Virt. I am currently in contact with the company that made the markers and unfortunately they do not have records of where they were placed. They did give me the contact info for the surveyors who placed them. I am trying to see if I can get the coordinates. It looks like they Ct one is w/in 2 hrs of me and I am trying to locate the NY one. I will be able to visit at least these 2 and possibly NJ and PA as well. I still think these one of a kind monuments would make an excellent Virt. How about a chime in from one of the approvers with some advice?

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I checked out the population center cache page. Seems like only 2 or 3 cachers actually found the monuments. I would like to do a virt which is just the monuments themselves. From the info I got from the Geological society at least 14 monuments were placed. Hoping to get the data set from them.

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There is a map indicating the location of the New York center of population monument at this site. It is located in the D&H Canal Park at approximately 41°27'33.2"N 74°36'05.7"W (scaled from the topographic map at the Delaware and Hudson Land Surveyors Association). Since one of the criteria is that the monument be placed in a public place, it shouldn't be too hard to find. These monuments are meant to be found, and there is some latitude in how close to the official census center of population it has to be.


Since the dedication ceremony already took place, it is only a matter of time before it is submitted to NGS and it shows up in the database.


edit: added scaled coordinates.

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Huh - looking at the Epicenter cache location, I had a thought: If there were another 500K or so people in SW NY (like maybe Jamestown NY), would the population center fall outside the state? I think it might be mathamatically / geometrically possible (?) Is there any state where that IS true? Or might be someday.... Maybe Florida? Needs to be sort of "U" shaped.....

[slow night at the computer....]


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