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What to stash cache in?


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I have quite a few old military ammo cans. Would these work? I plane of using a bed liner and dessicant to help keep the moisture and protect the steel. This would be my first time stashing something. Any help would be greatly appreciated.





It's a Jeep thing and I still don't understand :-)

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Ammo cans are always a good choice (if the seal is intact). I would even call them the container of choice for most full-sized caches.


People will use just about anything for cache containers, but whatever you use, make sure it's waterproof or you'll end up with a soggy mess.


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Ammo cans are my #1 choice for full-size caches. They're tough as steel (har har), can stand full sun in the desert and being buried under snow in the mountains.


I'm actually kind of jealous that you've already got them and don't have to go buy them! icon_wink.gif



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Here's an excerpt from a log I made for a cache that was hidden in an ammo box very near the the Gulf of Mexico in Destin, FL (right on the water):


Considering the location, I'm amazed that the ammo can has held up as well as it has. I didn't check the tide (we might have been there at high tide), but the water was less than 3' away, and there were obvious signs that the cache had been submerged during the storms over the past couple of days. I have to believe that this is a somewhat regular occurance. There's a little rust on the outside of the box, but the contents are bone dry.

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Ammo boxes are great. They are nearly always waterpoof (I do know of a few that leaked) and easy to paint so they fit in with the surroundings. Be sure to paint over the military markings and prominently mark the container as a geocache, so casual finders aren't alarmed enough to call in the bomb squad.


For full size containers, the next best thing are Rubbermaind Seal-n-serve containers (the one with the blue rim on the lid). Lock-n-lock containers are also decent. Tupperware is also great, but on the expensive side.


Stay away from dollar store plastic containers, Chinese/deli food containers, Gladware and similar cheap plastic containers unless you expect to visit the cache every few weeks to dry everything out.


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I agree, ammo cans are the best. Better check with land manager before using one though, our county park dist. just OK'D caches, but is concerned about the use of ammo cans. P.S. My friend uses them for long term cigar storage, as for me, I smokem as soon as I get them. Cigars, not ammo cans.

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Originally posted by BrianSnat:


Stay away from dollar store plastic containers, Chinese/deli food containers, Gladware and similar cheap plastic containers unless you expect to visit the cache every few weeks to dry everything out.



That's funny, because I was just reading about a cache in our area that bragged about the container being a Gladware container. I have to agree that they're too flimsy for caching. Although I did a cache a couple of months ago that was in a Gladware container located in the Redwoods (i.e. mossy and damp), and it was holding up pretty well. I was surprised! Ammo cans are my favorite, although I'm jealous too icon_frown.gif Wish I had a couple of free ones in my garage.


I think I wouldn't bother with the dessicant, unless you were to place a couple of those packets in a ziploc with the logbook. I think they wouldn't last too long before needing to be replaced. An ammo can should be sufficient in keeping everthing nice and dry icon_biggrin.gif


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