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Silly Question Time

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Before you say " :( Why would he want to watch a cache he is ignoring? :( "


Let me explain... I helped my daughter place a cache yesterday... I don't like to log it as a find because It wouldn't be right... Until now, If I wanted to get her caches off of my closest to list, I had to log them... What I want to do is to ignore it so it doesn't show up on my closest to list but still be able to watch it to keep tabs on it...

Does anyone else have a problem logging caches they helped wtih as finds??

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My friend Seamus and I have hidden many caches together. We will normally will log the other person’s cache as a find so it won’t show up as an unfound cache in our area. If you are worried about it wait to log your find until after the first person has gotten their First to Find Honors.

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