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60c Carrying Case

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Odd about getting it off the GPS - mine works great. The one odd thing I found is that there is a hole for the joystick button in the vinyl cover. It is easy to get off if you run your finger in between the screen and the vinyl cover - then slides right out. The smooth vinyl sticks to the smooth screen and THAT is hard to slide against.


There is NO reason you can't use either a straight or right angle antenna connector with the case on. You only have to move a small corner of the case out of the way - just a litle - to open the rubber port and use the connectorl


I have a legend sitting here right next to my 60CS - there is NO way a 60 will fit in a case for the Legend. The photo shown in the link provided above.


Ahh... after re-reading that IS what the above writer meant - he put the 60 in the Legend case - ya! no wonder it was tight!! The 60 is 50% larger!




have to ammend the above - I did not notice that the link was for the sharkskin case - I have the Neoprene case. There is no top - just a nice fitting 'enveolope'. There is no opening for the screw - there is a dip in the case that goes below the belt clip post. So there may be some differences in the cases of different materials. If you want to use an external antenna suggest you get the Neoprene one as it would be very easy. I did not connect mine just now - it is just so easy.



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