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  1. After getting tired of the googlemapping problem I started accessing the map through the garmin web site and everything seems to work fine through there. I dont know why geocache. com cant find the problem.
  2. Its so bad I started going to the garmin website for caches. When you go through the garmin site all the caches show up and you can scroll like you were using the old geocache .com map. Every time I try to map it on geocache.com it takes for ever to load ,loads only a couple of caches in the area, and when you scroll out of the blue boundries forget it. May be time to cancel subscription and just go through garmin.
  3. Just found instruction book / quick start guide / swivel car mount / and 12v car power cord. It is listed on ebay for 40.00 dollars if interested. Or make offer
  4. I have a garmin gps40 that was my first gps now I have a 60cs anda 60csx so the 40 has to go. I have the original vhs tape and all books (just need to find in the garage) B/O
  5. After downloading the 4.1 software I was checking all the funtions and eveything works fine exept for the games. The games start and run fine but the arrow that I believe is controlled by the rocker button does not move .If you hit the rocker it just beeps ,am I missing something on the settings that got changed when new software went in ? Anybody else run into this problem? i redownloaded the 4.1 again and it does the same thing.
  6. If you live in california near a frys electronics there selling recon gecko units for 39.00
  7. The best price I found was at DiscountGPS.Com. Ive purchased 2 map60cs from them and I had them in less then 3 days plus a free t shirt with every purchase.
  8. If you buy a sharkskin case be real careful taking it on and off. I had to send my 60cs in for repair because the case is to tight and when I peeled it off the 4 way rocker switch got broken.
  9. I bought one of these cases and its a pain to get on and off its to tight .In fact I need to send my 60 cs in for repair because the 4 way rocker ended up loose and sloppy after removing it.
  10. I also have used GPSDiscount several times infact I just ordered a second 60cs to give my father inlaw for a christmas gift GREAT people and great service
  11. I just upgraded to a 60cs from the gps40 and its awsome.When I got it I decided to start caching and although Ive only done three it put me within a foot of all three and that was inluding a walk down a stream bed covered with trees and heavy folage.I never lost reception once.Two thumbs up!!!!!!!
  12. I was out using my new cs down in a creek bed covered with heavy trees and folage this weekend and never lost coverage. On the drive up to the cache (86) miles I had the unit on in the car with no external anttena and it got traded back and forth in the back of the van so the kids could see it and it never lost coverage.I am very happy with the cs
  13. I just got my 60cs last week from discount gps on the web for 417.00 total, no shipping and that included insurance plus a t shirt and it was received three days after it ordered.
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