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Virtual Multis


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You'll find getting a virtual listed extremely hard. One way is to incorporate them into a multi. I would suggest making it a puzzle cache, this way you don't have to list all the way points, just describe a route that incorporates them all, and what to look for at each point. using information gained to locate the final cache. This could be several miles away, which as long as you put this on the cache page, wont cause comments. See Roman round Chester, as a good example, this has the start point on the cache page, you then follow a route gavering information. And opened my eyes to things that I'd never seen in Chester.



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I encountered a couple of virtual multis in London this week. You had to gather information from location 1 to work out the co-ords for location 2 where you had to gather confirmatory information to bags your cache. They may even have had two stages and then a final place, but I did not feel inclined to do them. As I also discovered in London, there is no end of handy places that you can stick a breath mint strip container painted black, so the above just seemed like a lot of work for a virtual.


BTW, I have done some excellent virtuals, so do not dislike them as a rule, but I didn't really see the point of the above. Your mileage, of course, may vary!

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Might be something for GeoHikes then?


Shame really as I saw loads of wildlife including about a dozen seals. Tried to get some photos, but if proof were needed that a digicam with no optical zoom is mostly a complete waste of time for my sort of photography, this was it.


Also saw a different type of wildlife. A taxi driver who decided that the road closed sign didn't mean him. He drove his minbus onto the grass. Only got the fromt two wheels onto the grass and bogged his van in. He looked really wild :D:D:D

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You'll find getting a virtual listed extremely hard.

I think I only just managed to get the two Birmingham city centre caches we own listed. What I don't understand is the policy of not approving virtuals. I've done some really good, fun virtuals (often in city centres) where it's unwise or impractical to place a real container.

For eample Venice, West Midlands: you could have hidden a micro or a small cache in the area, but hiding boxes close to the ICC and brindleyplace didn't seem like a good idea.


Just out of interest- why are virtuals 'frowned upon'?

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Just out of interest- why are virtuals 'frowned upon'?


Because of the large No of lame virtuals, that started to go out, when a micro at least could have been hidden there. They now have to have a wow factor to be listed (when in doubt, the reviewers ask all the other reviewers, to have a look, to see if it rates a wow). Remember every cache closes an area .1 of a mile around it to other caches.


If you get a virtual listed now, you can take a pat on the back, for providing the wow factor. I personaly have done virtuals were it was possible to hide a full size cache.



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