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And now they've added Google Earth.


Real interesting....


In addition to the basic features, Google Earth Plus includes:

    * GPS integration – read tracks and waypoints from your GPS.

    * Higher resolution printing (greater than screen resolution).

    * Customer support via email (not just web).

    * Annotation – adds draw/sketch tools for richer annotations (can be shared as KML).

    * Data importer – read address points from .csv files.



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I have been addicted to www.maps.google since I discovered it in the forums a few days ago.


I want to try Google Earth but it is not yet available for Mac.


One thing I noticed just a few minutes ago while looking at my office on maps.google.com is the evidence that the map screens are comprised of numerous satellite images taken at various times.


My office bulding had a shadow sprawling off to the NW while the water tower across the street was headed off towards the NE.


Either the sun came much closer than its typical 93 million miles or they did an excellent job of seamlessly matching all those images to assemble the screens we view.


It was an amusing image, but still impressive!

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