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  1. Quick access: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...mp;Submit6=Find
  2. Lots of great folks in the GGA who I'm sure would be happy to oblige. GGA Website
  3. When I go there, it is "Ye Olde 41 Travel Bug Motel". Oh...I see, you changed the name because you didn't like that your TB that was sent off into the wild is prone to the rules of caches it visits. I get it. Welcome to the world of TBs. reepicheep
  4. Agreed....unless it is particular to the South and Southeast it would be best over there. I watch this forum to get away from the more general posts and there may be others that do the same. There seems to be a few of these type of threads showing up over here. Hope this isn't a trend or I might only be watching the Announcement forum soon reepicheep P.s. Oh...and nothing personal to those posting those messages, I just prefer specific S&SE items.
  5. I think it might depend on the 'ADVENTURE'. Early November is sometimes still hot/humid in the south. I would lean more towards late winter myself....if I could make it. reepicheep
  6. They may be following the guidelines better than you think since you either did not read the guidelines or totally skipped over the part about what to do with issues about reviewers. I suggest you read them thoroughly again and if you still have the problem, do what the guidelines say to do. http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx reepicheep
  7. If the owner is unresponsive, as someone already mentioned drop it in a nearby cache (although might confuse someone else who grabs it and then is stuck with it) or better yet drop it in the TB Graveyard. Hopefully the owner will respond and grab it. reepicheep
  8. This question comes up from time to time. Some people have asked on the GGA forums. You can search there or post over there and some people might have some suggestions. reepicheep
  9. This post caught my eye as I live near Stone Mountain in Georgia and was unaware there was one in North Carolina. I have a bookmark list for the one in GA, but that one won't help you. Best I know is using the nearby search feature: caches near Stone Mountain Park Maybe some locals can post recommendations of which ones to do. reepicheep
  10. I wish I wasn't hearing this more often, but I am. It appears it is what it is. reepicheep
  11. I've wanted this for a while. I was going to post a new topic, but decided to do a search first. Sure enough, this topic was out there. I'll re-state that we would like the hider information in the notifications. reepicheep
  12. A multi-cache is near: flygURL's Garden Or course there is also one of the oldest geocaches around, is the oldest in Georgia: Beaver Cache. The cache id is GC1D. It is on private property, but permission is given on the cache page. Good luck. reepicheep
  13. Homework? Sad that you have to work at weeding through alot of caches to find the good ones. Of course you do have to do some planning for a trip, but weeding through the caches in a large metropolitan is way more work that should be required for a trip to stay fun. Still the best way to go would be the 'r' word, but we won't even bring up that word and start the arguments. reepicheep
  14. rhelt100, Maybe it was just me, but all I got was a quote of Brett&Citty's post. reepicheep
  15. Wish I could say I haven't heard stories such as this before. It is alot more common today more than when I started caching. I'll just recommend you check out all the listing services, as another one may be more to your liking. If you want more details then P.M. me. reepicheep
  16. I suggest looking into one of the TN caching groups here, and maybe focus on your studies in English......particularly punctuation. reepicheep
  17. A late reply to this post since the latest post brought my attention to this thread. As the owner of the caches and answers you place on the list, you certainly have the right to do so. However, you should put some thought into the thoughts of those who worked hard to solve the puzzles and find the cache and that then someone else is given a "free ride". At least a concession should be to not add a newly placed cache and answers to the bookmark list until ample time is given for those who want the satisfaction of finding it via the puzzle to do so. But I like thinking outside the box such as this and you are right that the goal is to have people find your caches. reepicheep
  18. Space may be limited, but if you're in the area or up for a road trip to North Georgia: NGC March 06 Event - Trolling for Caches in Helen reepicheep
  19. Sometimes things have a strange way of coming around. I was reading an RSS feed of Hackaday where the post referenced another blog that mentions the website Phoneswarm. Nothing special so far until I noticed the word "geocachers" in the post. So I followed the links around and found that Phoneswarm posts interesting phone booth numbers that people call and enter what happens. Seems one caller got a group of Geocachers. Here is the log: log by Furbrat for Santa Monica Pier Webcam reepicheep
  20. I'll assume that this was meant as a reply to this post. reepicheep
  21. Not sure why the media keeps putting out new articles and referencing old stories (look at the times the events occurred). Seems like they are just trying to get people against caching. reepicheep P.s. Not sure why this is in the South and Southeast Forum. Can we please only post things related to South and Southeast here? Thanks.
  22. Not active yet. Reply when its public and we'll check it out. reepicheep
  23. There was an issue with the topic and it was reindexed, yielding a new URL. Nominations for Georgia caches will be closing around the 23rd so get the nominations in soon. Here is the new URL: North Georgia Exceptional Caches of 2005 - Nominations reepicheep North Georgia Caching
  24. North Georgia Caching is now taking nominations for the North Georgia 2005 Exceptional Caches Awards. If you've found a North Georgia cache that deserves recognition, come over and nominate it. Posts by non NGC members will be moderated before being made public. North Georgia Exceptional Caches of 2005 - Nominations reepicheep North Georgia Caching
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