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Wanted: Mapsource Topo Canada


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Hey thanks Circle of Confusion.Dont worry about that simpleton. I think that maybe he's looked for one too many caches on railway tracks if you know what I mean.


Anyway if anyone has questions regarding the North American Mapsource products such as Topo USA Topo Canada and The Metroguides or Bluechart please send me a note and Ill see if I can answer any questions you may have.

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Hello there Kermode, I tried to email you but everytime I do it says I have to validate my account through email but I have not received any emails from the site, although I have tried three times to start an account on here, actually i'm quite surprised I could even reply in here. If you could, would you please email me at shaunn45@hotmail.com or shaunandshanny@ns.sympatico.ca, would be appreciated much, I have a question regarding Topo Canada.

P.S - You or anyone else in this fourm know how I can get that email for www.geocaching.com with the activation code? Thanks again.

Shaun (Rottweiler)

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If anyone is unsure of what the Mapsource Products look like and want to see a sample before purchasing send me a note of what are yo would like to see and weather in Topo or Metroguide format.

Info I need is :


State or Province


Appoximate location in Lat/Long that you would like to see The lat/long will be centered in screen shot.


Topo or Metroguide.


Whenever possible try not to have me reply to a low MB email address such as hotmail because some of the files are large and at times hotmail sends back to me.

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