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  1. I have a pocket PC for sale. It is an iPAQ rx3115 and it comes with 2 spare lithium ion batteries, a leather carry case, a charging cradle with USB , Original software, a power/charger cord for in car. Also I will include an SD 512mb Card for the slot. The unit has bluetooth and WiFi for internet hotspots. It is in excellent condition and was purchased new 3 months ago. I am buying a laptop and that is why I am getting rid of the unit. Look up all that I have mentioned then make an offer. Take it all for $375. OBO Just a note. The batteries are worth about $100 each and these are new and unused.
  2. Cache Tech is a moderator who lets his friends get away with crap but not others. In my eyes he's a dick. He is probably very similar to Randy from Trailer Parks boys.
  3. Kermode

    Parks Canada

    Yes you read correctly. A foreign (american) based website (GC.Com) We do not want or need any support from you we'll do it ourselves thankyou.
  4. This thread is now open again. Dont you come in here waving your skirt telling us what is and what isnt out of hand. Ban the bulls*** in the parks. No caching period. Seems that cache tech has a personal stake in this. Wearing mulitple hats. A member of BCGA.com who wants to stand up to Parks Canada and be "our" rep to defend geocaching in the parks. On the other hand he is a forum gestapo( although he will probably be a denier of that) who is supposed to be non biased in the this forum. A forum where we are discussing something the cache tech is already known to not support (the closing of caches in parks) Moderate that dick wad.
  5. Cache Tech you have cleary displayed that you have an something to gain here by acting like and idiotic censor. You moderate some who swear and some who break rules and you dont others. Guess you learned well at Gestapo camp in Seattle. You appear to be tag teaming with Team Phoenix and have some kind of affair going on with Jomarac5. As afar as I am concerned you are a peice of eastern crap more commonly known as a square head. Moderate that you <removed>. Yes you ! I called you a <removed>. Sure you are used to being called that and more. Go ahead now . moderate me and ban me. I dont give a <removed> crap. Do what you do best in your little fantasy world that you control. <removed> Yesterday it was ok for kids on this site to read similar stuff but I bet that today it wont be because it is not your cronies doing it. See ya. Im outa here dont need your crap you loser.
  6. Kermode

    Parks Canada

    When Parks canada reads all the nonsense here in these forums they will no doubt carry forward with the ban. As far as I am concerned they should. Parks Canada does not need the added liability and doesnt not need to baby sit caches and cachers and definately doesnt need a foreign based website directing people from all over the world to our parks to tears up th elandscape searching out hidden treasure that usually isnt treasure at all but useless junk like McToys and garbage from dollar stores. Thats my opinion and I am sticking to it. Parks Canada---do the right thing. thankyou
  7. Kermode

    Parks Canada

    One thing that is very important for us all to remember is that we are all just visitors here. Caretakers. If we do a good job future generations will have the Parks to enjoy down the road. It really isnt a bad thing to limit use and enforce rules that in the end beefit others who are not here to have a say in what thye will one day, inherit
  8. I did not say a blanket ban. I suggested that they keep them out of National and Provincal parks and leave all the other parks (city,municipal,County etc) up to the individual jurisdictionsand the reisdent of those areas. I would also like to note that the above poster is a sock puppet account . No cache logs. And this was theri first posting in the forums. An obvious flamer.Account was just made the other day.
  9. Thankyou for your input Dino Hunters. I must add that you used some examples that are really not applicable. Kayaking...of course it doesnt affect the land unless of course one is kayaking in the forest. Snowshoeing if done on top of the snow has now ill effect to the land unless you are snowshoing in a Tuffa mound when there is no snow. Skiers again cause no damage do the land if they are in fact skiing on snow and not through and apline meadow when there is no snow on the ground. I agree that cachers are no harder on the land than the above but must disagree with hikers,climbers etc. Again thankyou for your comments. All points of view are accepted here. Dagg please try to control yourself . Kids do not need to see that. thankyou and Bye
  10. GPS uses triangulation the antenna picks up a crazy little signal from the sattelites and uses the strongest signals to triangulate a position. It is not 100% accurate though. If you want that please use a sextant. Sextatnt is more accuarte as far as I am concerned.
  11. If you do go fro a beach walk tonight please be careful. The cache is on an islet on the open Pacific Ocean. The walk can only be done at a low tide and even then walking can be hazardous. Use Caution. Also it may not be a great Idea at night as you know there is know ambient light there and you are miles away from any help idf required.You will not even have moon light .New moon was just 2 days ago. I would suggest you attempt at daytime hours. That is strike 2 Mr Dagg. You are not abiding by forum rules. I checked your site where there is discussion about your Tes______les and it states right on the site that pretty much anything goes there. This however is a family site. Please keep your insults to your self.
  12. Triangulation is not flawless. There is a built in factor. When using a GPS there are many many factors that can affect a true reading. Atmosphere, batteries, Solar Flares, excess ions and the list goes on. If one is getting a reaing on only 2 or 3 sattelites the reading and lat/long is further degrades. So when placing a cache within feet of a PARK boundary there could be an error factor that puts the cache just inside or just out side of the Park.
  13. Sorry Dagg butr I must ask you to keep on subject. it is amuzing that you think that your Mr ED sock is me but I assure you I am not interested in your testicle protector. Please refrain from such language here . CHildren and Christians (which I am) also do not need to see that. I would consider that borderline vulgar and vulgar language is not permitted here. Thankyou for your understanding.
  14. Ok here is the Facts on that one Cache which is located near a provincal park boundary. I have plotted it an electronic topographical map and it is in postion X You have plotted it on a different topographical map and it is located at position X Your postion X and my position X show up in different area bit it appears there is only a difference of possibly 200 metres. this could be due to using different datum, or different programs top plot the location or different map scales. not all maps are created equally. I will say though that because it was placed 2 years ago in the approximate location of a park boundary that it could indeed cause some confusion as to where exactly the cache is.\ The cache is physically located on a rocky islet in an area where this isnt ans appears to have never had vegetation. It was placed years before any talk of banning geocaching in parks. If by some odd revelation and a mis-calculation on my part it does in fact lay even 1 inch inside the park boundary I will in fact relocate the cache the required distance. Gps by its own addmission is not 100% accurate.
  15. Curious Please keep comments on topic and please do not try those change the subject tactics. Thankyou Dog Breath. You are a breath of fresh air in this topic. REad back to the begininng and you will see that I have been trying to tell these people the exact fact but they insist on skirting arounbd the issue and talking about everything else. Glad to see another sensible person here. I know there are others out there as well. It is so true that people will not and do not place caches on existing trails and that they go off the trails and make new trails and cause damage to parks. It is a proven fact.
  16. The Topic is Parks in general and banning all caches in any Park. This includes giving a grace period for those who have caches in parks to remove them. FYI ..the cache is,has not been , nor will ever be in a park. The accusers will find anyway possible to attack anyone who agrees that the ban is a good thing for the well being of our treasured parks. They have not visited the cache so have no concrete way of proving without a shadow of doubt that the cache is or isnt in a park. Until they visit it I suggest they bark up another tree. Please keep the topic on track. that includes those who are talking about unrelated items. Just to refresh your memories the discussion is BAN ALL GEOCACHES IN ALL PARKS.
  17. You are welcome. Ive heard enough from you . Im closing this topic. There is a hotline for gambling and drug and alchohol addictions I wonder how long before there is one for geocaching addicted people. Go bug someone else. Closed
  18. Do you know of anyone who is totally addicted to geocaching where all they do is think talk and act it out. I know of people from near where I live and it seems that geocaching rules theri life. It seems like a sickness.\ Id be interested in hearing YOUR stories.
  19. You are attempting to bring them into play it is obvious otherwise you would have said it. I have no sock puppet accounts and feel that your attempt to sabotauge this forum discussion is juvenile. Please stop and go from wearever you came from/ It is noot in a park and it will stay. Carry on Your elike a child calling the teacher. ( moderator, oh moderator..please help. Im being bad )
  20. I have posted a picure on the BigGapingHole cache and it clearly shows that the cache is out side of park boudaries. Your calculations appear to be out. Your topo maps may need to be fixed up a little. Thankyou for trying though.
  21. I feel that it is very important to note that out of a current 32 replies to my topic only 7 are from the general public. The others here are local from my area who are intent on causing disruption and attempt to sabotauge the the subject. They do follow me from site to site do disparage my go intention. I will also not the there is 1 Nation Park about 4 hours drive from here and the thought of removing geocaches from the National Parks as discussed by the Govebrnment really has no bearing on these yocal locals. I have checked theri cache finds and none of them have logged a find from a National Park. It has become blatently obvious that they treat this as a 3 ring circus and will do anything for attention. They have really put nothing toward this discussion. It just makes me happy to know that there are people in the PArks Headquarters who have theri heads secured and will be making the sound desision to ban geocaching in parks with out outside influence and that their only goal is to save our parks from unwarranted destruction. I would like to hear from people in Ontario about how it has been in theri provincal parks and how the cachers have taken it.
  22. Thankyou for posting the map. It does clearly show that the area across from Cerantes Rock is defineltly outside of the Park Boundaries. Now that we are all in agreement can we get baclk to the purpose of this thread .
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