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jjn too

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After I read this thread I went and found and downloaded and coppied to my Tomtom go. Dam good, what?

Now, how to add a sound/ warning when getting close to a cache?

I have this set up for speed cameras on my TomTom go


Go to change preferences

Maintain POI

Then 'Warn when near POI'


After that select the POI category

select the distance

pick a warning sound.. cow is interesting!!!!

then select if you want your warning only if you have a rute planed.


Hit OK and off yer go


Yer can set up any number of categories with different alarms for each


Better still just play like I do LOL LOL



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Silly old me. I wrote 'how' but I know how and did. Got the horn 2 for the caches. I had it running whilst in town (London) today and I was suprised how many there were that it seems that I have not done. I shall have my work cut out this evening checking these.

Thanks for the info and help my mates.

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I found this place Directory of Cities And Towns in the World which is quite neat.  Handy for calibrating maps.



Nice resource, but according to that, Elland (where I live) is in 'Aberdeen City' :huh::bad:

Here yer go Mr. Rutson Sir try this it puts you as Elland .......... (inhabited place)

(World, Europe, United Kingdom, England, West Yorkshire, Calderdale) [1029161]


Lat: 53 41 04 N degrees minutes Lat: 53.6840 decimal degrees

Long: 001 49 06 W degrees minutes Long: -1.8300 decimal degrees


That close enough :(:PB)<_<:blink::(



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