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"found" Logs Not Allowed Pt Deux


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<snip> but if it fits within the guidelines then so be it.

My notes only cache fit within the guidlelines too. Jeremy himself said that.

Yeah, you now know it would be an unpopular idea in its original format, but it has been given an OK. I will be interested to see what you do with the description.


I have not done Tube Torcher, but it is a well known cache down here in our parts of course.

Updated cache page

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"Can you resist the urge to post a smiley if you find the cache? Have you been assimilated by the smiley collective? Resisting the urge to to post a smiley is futile! Or is it? This cache page will test you to see if you have been assimilated by the smiley collective!!!"


Since we all want geocaching to be a fun game, this gives people a challenge on the cache page but it is painted in a fun light and the option to log the find is still there. I would bet you would get some very funny found it logs, just as on the "Rules" cache page I linked earlier.

Almost sounds like this cache.


There are a lot of fun logs here. Scan through and find Genius Loci's.


This is a great cache; placed in a lovely park, fun to hunt for, and hidden more cleverly than any other I've ever known. My hearty recommendation is to hunt for it by all means, but remember my friends; the only way to find this one is NOT TO FIND IT. A task which many have attempted, but few have successfully accomplished!
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Wow, someone has already taken the "note only" offer. I would have bet the farm there woud have been no takers.

Ya know, if I lived in your area I might consider just logging a note except for the mean spirited impression I got from the original cache page.


I like to jack with local cachers too, but in my case, these same cachers are my friends. I get the feeling there is no love lost on your end in this matter though, so I'd probably log a find just to be contrary. :rolleyes:

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