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HTML help please

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Another quick question - how do I add a carriage return (blank line) when I edit my cache description. As it is now, if I put a carriage return in the description, it is ultimately ignored.



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1. Be sure that the box is checked for "The descriptions below are in HTML"


2. Use <br> for a line break or </p> for a new paragraph.


3. If you DON'T need html elsewhere in your cache description, then leave the box un-checked and just use regular carriage returns.


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Best primer I have in my library is Create Your First Web Page in a Weekend (Steven E. Callihan) and you might also want to let Google find you some on-line sources that'll help quite a bit.

I have found that referring folks to:


works fairly well. icon_cool.gif


Also check thread "Cool Looking Cache Pages (html)" where PDOP's has some recommended primer sites.



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The way I learned HTML was I went to a web page. When I seen something I liked, went to the Browser menu and selected view, then source. This gives you a screen with the code for that page. You can scroll down and find the part you liked and see how the code is written for it. It's really simple once you get the hang of it.


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