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I use a Quest for both work and caching. I've found it to be excellent for both. I was very happy to be directed to a routing selection feature on the Quest that makes it much more fun for caching. When you have selected a cache to find and have created a waypoint for it, use the "off road" routing method so that you get a straight line route to your cache instead of having City Select do a street-by-street route. Hitting the 'page' button will give you a course pointer or compass bearing display depending on which function you have selected at the moment. (You can switch from one to the other by pressing 'menu' while on the course pointer/compass bearing display.) I also like to switch my map set over to Topo instead of City Select just to make it more challenging in the city and Topo is very handy to have when out in the sticks.


You'll also find an ongoing discussion and perhaps some other helpful tips in this thread which we've had open for a while.



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The Quest is great for caching, even more when you upload special goecaching icons. :unsure:


Be aware of two things though:

- the distance number is rounded, until below 15 meters. From 15-50 meters it is in 5 meter increments, over that the increments are even greater. Not much to worry about, but when the accuracy is at 20 meters it can get a bit difficult. :lol:

- the Quest doesn;t have a "project waypoint" feature, which can be nice to have for some caches. You can do without though... many GPS owner do. Just travel in the approximate direction with a GOTO on the starting point and try to get to the spot where the distance is what you should project and the bearing is exactly the opposit.


I am spoiled though... I kept my V. =8- )

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