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What Are You Doing April 2nd?

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While I know it is Christmas time :blink:, and many of you are settling into your homes for the holidays, or rushing out to grab that last-minute gift, or even some of you crazies here in Ontario who are out caching in our recent -25 and below weather :blink: , I want you to think ahead to a warmer, more inviting time.


Think ahead to April 2nd. Think ahead to a time of thawing warming and Sunshiny days. Think of a time when the bulk of Geocachers are removing themselves from their winter Hybernation. :P


The date of April 2nd 2005 has been chosen as a day of GREAT proportions! (well "proportions" anyhow!). Start preparing yourselves for COG* (Central Ontario Geocachers) Spring Fling!


While all details have not been ironed out at this point, the event will be centered around the Barrie, Ontario area at one of a few yet-to-be-finalized locations, and will involve "pubbing" and Geocaching on some level!


I encourage everyone's feedback! You can email me at swiftone@rogers.com or through my profile here at GC.com or simply reply here. While Myself and a few others have gotten the ball rolling on this, I am excited to hear from any other local cachers that are interested in assisting in any way possible. You will also shortly be able to see updates and information on the Central Ontario Geocachers Resource Website.


*Central Ontario Geocachers (COG) is a newly thought of, autonomous non-bureaucracy of loosly to non organized Geocachers within the Greater Simcoe County area

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Barrie???Central Ontario??? I thought Barrie was Northern Ontario...No wait that's right it's only Northern Ontario when you are using the Toronto Datum on your GPSr... HEHEHEHE!!!!!


You can count on us being there with the whole crew. Looking forward to the newest event in Ontario, let me know if we can be of any help.

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Gah! I think I'm gonna get shafted again! Every time there is a local geocaching event, I have something else going on!


I'll have to wait to see for sure but the Air Force celebrates its birthday on the first Saturday in April and I may have to attend a parade that day (I'm a Reservist). If I am free, however, I'm game!


J-P Johnson

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:D Wow! An Invision Board. I know my way around these babies!


OK - this is Jan - 1 quarter of the Buttdraggin' Trails Gang. the rest of my co-horts are counting sheep - so I have volunteered myself and the rest of my lazy buds for this event. :unsure:


So - you're married now eh Swifty? How's life treating you? :lol:


Questions! Can we bring our dog? (No problem if not). Just how far afield is this event? Far enough that we have to book accommodations? Is the date firm? How long is it planned to go on for?


Let us know if we can help in any way.....K?




.................. ~::Jan::~


"One wave short of a Shipwreck" :lol:

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Questions! Can we bring our dog? (No problem if not). Just how far afield is this event? Far enough that we have to book accommodations? Is the date firm? How long is it planned to go on for?


I don't know that Accomodations will be necessary if you are in the Barrie Area. We have been scoping out Sunnidale park in Barrie as a possible solution to the events we are thinking of. I certainly think that Misha should be welcome. We will know better in a few weeks.


This should only be a day in length. Things to do in the morning/aft and likely some pubbing in the eve followed by some night-caching im sure later on if Tomtec is coming :rolleyes:

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If we are pubbing and night-caching - I shall have to take the "old gal" home (no Swifty - I don't mean me :huh: ). Misha is 10 now and a bit rickety in the joints if its more than 4 hours or so, but she still gung-ho!


Sunnidale is an awesome idea....very diverse area....good plan :blink:


We are all looking forward to it! Roll on Spring with a capital S! Had enough of this white **** already :unsure:






"One wave short of a Shipwreck"

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Ok, so our efforts are now being centered around Springwater Park just outside of Barrie. Springwater is a fantastic park with Picnic pavillions, barbecues, hiking trails, a lake, and even a Zoo! There is a nominal entrance fee to the park. This should not be any more than 7 bucks or so. Keep posted for more information. We are expecting to talk with the park today, so any information I will update any new information.

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Oh, and to add one thing...


If you are a regular visitor to Ontario parks, you can always purchase an annual or seasonal pass that will get you into all of them (including Wasaga). I know we can't geocache there (yet) but I still enjoy the parks and the $70 a year for a pass seems like a small price for the number of summer visits.

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Just a quick note:


We have been looking over a few different parks that seem to fit the bill that do not incorporate the "Provincial" kind. There are a few Conservation Authority areas in the Bradford Area, and even some KOA Campgrounds that appear to be perfect. The parks that we are looking at now to look at will allow actual caches in their areas if not permanent, temporarily for the event and are just as perfect for hosting a group like this. While Springwater is great, there is just too many positives at some of these other locations! I will definately keep you posted!


Some we are investigating currently:


LSRCA - Scanlon Creek


Barrie KOA


I will be calling around to different locations, and will be finalizing the location within a matter of days at this point.

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I just need clarification on something here... are we talking about 2 separate dates - April 2nd and April 14th? That's a lot of planning!


I imagine that I will be attending the local CITO events down here on the 14th/15th of April and will not be able to attend the Barrie one (sorry but we got waaaay more garbage down here!)

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are we talking about 2 separate dates - April 2nd and April 14th? That's a lot of planning!

Sorry Annie et. al for the confusion! :rolleyes:


April 2nd is the more-or-less official date of this event at this point. I tossed out the idea of incorporating a CITO with the event and changing the date, however that will not fly due to the other events that will obviously be going on Apr 14/15. We want people to be able to attend the COG Spring Fling without conflict!


For now, simply consider April 2nd as COG Spring Fling Day!


And now back to your regularily scheduled programming...

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It wouldn't hurt my feelings if you had a CITO Event on the 2nd of April and the Event Cache on the 2nd of April, too.


Sounds like a great day in Barrie.... morning CITO,afternoon caching, and evening Event, maybe some night caching. It would make the trip even more worthwhile .


And then people could still attend their 'regularly scheduled CITO Events' on the 16th. Yours could be a CITO-warm up or CITO-primer.


Just tossing thoughts out.


:huh: The Blue Quasar

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Thanks for the great interest.. notice that the cache event has actually been moved to the 30th, and the cache page can be seen HERE!

If you're now looking for something to do April 2nd weekend watch out for our second annual April Fools cache that we are planning to take live on (duh!! :sad: ) April 1st. Probably not a zillion miles from the general area of last year's. It will have a couple of new twists :sad: but should enable you to log a few other caches on the way to completing it :o:laughing:

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Well I am hoping to have a GPS by then and if I do I will be there.

Hello Beerhound!


Welcome to our fantastic sport/hobby/addiction!! We would be more than happy to have you at the event! Please do feel free to attend even if you do not have a GPS at the time! I would be more than happy to let you borrow one of my spares if you do not have one by then!


Make sure to log if you decide to come at:


COG Spring Fling


Good to hear that you are looking to attend! hope to have you there!

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