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NOTE: If this topic or location is out of place, will someone please re-locate it. I selected it, due to it seeming to be suitable to non-specific catagories of messages.


ATTENTION: A Better Browser? - Mozilla/Firefox v1.0,, You be the judge!


For those of you that are "stuck in a rut" with Windows Internet Explorer v5.0 or 6.0, I have a solution that's worth investigating.


I have yet to investigate Opera and the latest Netscape Navigator. Therefore, comments on the latter two browsers will be greatly appreciated.


How would you like to open multiple cache pages on GC.COM, to include other web pages, within just one window of your browser? There's no need to deal with the Minimize/Maximize functions, just click on a TAB at the top of the browser screen.


Go to this web site: FoxFire and download the new Mozilla/FoxFire Browser v1.0 and start a new experience.


There a few web sites that it doesn't like, but they are few and far between, according to my friends that have been using it for several months now.

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Ok...I'm trying to find a way to say this, without offending or ticking people off, but I'm sure it will happen anyway. Regardless of how this comes across, I don't mean it personally...it's just a comment/question...


Am I the only one starting to get annoyed with seeing these "Get a REAL browser", "You MUST try Firefox" threads? They are only just barely geocache related, and many actually insinuate that you're actually a moron if you're still "stuck" using IE.


I've always wondered what it is about people, that they really care THAT much what other people are using, as to take that stance. I can understand casually recommending something, but some people make it like a religious mission, to convert the masses.


It's the same thing with the Mac/PC and (to a lesser degree) Garmin/Magellan thing. There are people out there, that I would consider just a little obsessed over it, if not just a little nuts.


Bottom line is...there are choices out there, because people are different. I'm a fairly successful artist, and I use a PC. I get people that jump my tail end ALL THE TIME, because you just HAVE to use a MAC when you do what I do on computers. That's funny, cause I'm pretty sure that Macs don't have any magic/secret colors that are unavailable to PCs. Yep, Macs may have some advantages but, (gasp) so do PCs, and I've managed to create artwork that a good majority of people really enjoy seeing.


I think I may have strayed from my point a little, eh? LOL. Anyway...I just don't get why people are go gun-ho about stuff like browsers, GPS brands, platforms...so as to actually post threads on the forum over and over, to the point of seeming like some religious fanatic trying to convert the masses.

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