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Trying To Go Paperless


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I have a palm m130, and I am a priemium member, and my GPS. I have seen other people that use their PDA's to go, but I can't figure out how to get the Downloaded info to the PDA. I down loaded mobipocket like it sayes to, but I'm lost from there, and my GPS can't get me out.


Thank you,


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A Rino can't load .gpx files, only the waypoints that are in the files.  A Rino is only a GPS with a radio, not a PDA.

If I had a Rino and EasyGPS/GSAK, I could load the GPX file into it.


Doesn't mean all the data will transfer, but the important data (coords, etc) will load into the Rino.


edit: It will not, however, take place of a PDA for paperless caching, which is where I think NightPilot is hinting at.

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I've been using an old but fully functioning Palm Pilot Personal (1 mb) for my paperless geocaching. It's not super amazing but gets the job done and is still lightyears better than being stuck to the printouts. I can only store about 100 cache listings on it at a time, but thats fine since I update it weekly and can only go caching on the weekends.


I use GSAK (love it! love it!) w/ my pocket queries and then update both of my GPSr's, then I use GPX Spinner to convert the pocket queries into webpages, followed by Plucker Desktop to drop the pages onto my Palm Pilot Personal the next time I HotSync.


It sounds harder than it really is but the ability to be paperless has given me far more options in the field right at my fingertips. Plus I am able to write down log entries for each cache when I'm there which I can simply copy-n-paste later on when I'm logging them on the site. When covering 6-10 caches in one day, theres no way I'd be able to remember the first few caches and what I thought while at it.


But I should have a Palm Vx on the way from eBay in the next week to replace it and run Cachemate (altho I'm quite used to Spin/Plucking now).


If I can go paperless on a 1st generation Palm Pilot, then so can you with your m-series. :lol: Let me know if you need more help.

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