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Got me winter issue of The Bark magazine (it's all about dogs, in case that wasn't completely obvious). Looked at the cover and saw the word "geocaching"! Nice article that talks about geocaching with dogs. And 3 lady geocachers were in there too. I don't know the geocaching names of two of them (Sharon Lum & Sandi Pearce), but CarleenP is there too, with a nifty picture for the first page of the article!


Nicely done!



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Yay! I will have to go get a copy. It is normally sold at Barnes and Noble I think.


They wrote to me and asked for info and pictures. They were also very nice people and I had looked at the magazine before and thought it was very nice.


Thanks for the update! I had been watching for the issue, but thought it might not be coming out so soon! :mad:

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actually, reading the bark article got me interested in taking up geocaching with my dogs. is there any way to determine if a given cache is in a dog-friendly location?


great article!

Most caches are dog friendly unless dogs are expressly banned from the park. If they are not allowed many cache owners will note this fact on the cache page.

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I got my issue at Barnes and Nobel today. The article is quite nice and the picture of me and Molly in Colorado is one of my favorites. It was nice to see it printed. There is also a small picure in the table of contents that includes my Mom and friend Jordan (both cachers). The picture of Sharon Lum and her dog Zoe is nice too. They mis-spelled my last name. Ooops! But that is OK! :lol:

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