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Geocaching With Map60c

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I just bought a garmin map60c and enjoy it. Could somebody let me know how to download to the geocaching page from the gps, when I go to the find page I see geocaching, but I am stuck there. Do I go to geocaching.com and download from there. thanks Flame1

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I may be wrong, but I don't think EasyGPS supports Garmin's USB GPSrs.


I'll tell you how I go about it. 100 others will probably tell you 100 other ways of doing it.


First, you should install the MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager program to your computer.


You have to download the .loc file from the cache page.

Below the coordinates, you'll see "Click icon to download:"

Click there and it will prompt you to save the file as geocaching.loc.


After I've saved the file to my computer, I use EasyMPS to convert the file into a Garmin MapSource file, and open it in MapSource. I then use MapSource to send the waypoint to my 60C.

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I may be wrong, but I don't think EasyGPS supports Garmin's USB GPSrs.

Yes, you are wrong. The current version support them. Unfortunately, the current isn't available from geocaching.com, but is available from easygps.com which makes it easy to come to this conclusion.


GPSBabel (and ergo, GSAK) supports the 60C and close relatives.


But I think our OP is stuck well before choosing software. Flame1, are you a premium member? Are you interested in downloading coords from one specific cache or from several? If the former, there's a download link on each page. If the latter, http://www.geocaching.com/seek/ will let you get 20 at a time.

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I was with Flame1 when we tried to make the geocaching option work from his GPS, we downloaded the geocaching pages using easy GPS and then downloaded them to his GPS. all those geocaches came up in his GPS a a GCsomething waypoint, just like it does in mine which is an etrex legend,...I think his question is more on how to get the GPS MAP60C's special Geocaching option to work. because we weren't able to get anything to work from there or make anything work except changing the find or not find logo and to turn log in to calendar on or off.

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Look into GPSBabel and GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife). GSAK requires GPSBabel to function. The two combined make a very powerful geocaching tool.


First off, to get the Geocaching mode to work, the waypoint has to be changed from a generic waypoint icon to a Geocache icon. GSAK (with GPSBabel) or EasyMPS can easily change the icons to Geocache icons, and change the name from GCXXXX to MYGEOCACHEWHATEVER.


If you have a .loc file with lots of caches in it, both programs can easily convert all of them at once.

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is there another program instead of GSAK, because GSAK doesn't let you use USB unless you are a registered user and the map60 use usb for data transfer....there must be a free way to use that geocaching option on a map60C, since it comes in with the unit.......

The latest version does. That is, you can use the USB feature registered or not.

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EasyGPS will send waypoints to the Geocache folder on a 60cs. Download the .loc file from Geocaching.com and then open in EasyGPS. Select all of the waypoints and change their "symbol" to Geocache. Now when you send them to the 60cs, they'll go to the right place and you can use the geocaching features when navigating to them.


I don't know if that's documented anywhere, I just stumbled on it via dumb luck.

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Also, if you edit a waypoint on the 60 that's already in your "Waypoint" folder on the 60 (but not in the "Geocache" folder) by changing the symbol to the treasure chest in the "Outdoor" symbol group, the waypoint will then show up in both folders, so you can use the special geocaching features with it. That's how you would get a waypoint that you enter into the 60 manually over into the "Geocache" folder.

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