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  1. send the mapset you want..it should replace the existing ones completely.. be sure to put all the maps in it you'd like, regardless of whether they're currently on your unit. that's how you 'delete' maps, by sending a new set. all that will happen when you upload maps from the unit is that it will send the name of the map, and when you look in mapsource, you'll see them highlighted..it doesn't actually send the map data back to your pc. Ok I will try this tomorrow. Thanks a lot JP fire
  2. I don't realy understand, if I transfer all waypoints and routes etc to my pc, does that mean that all my information from my gps tranfered also like mapping of the eastern provinces of canada up to ontario, canada. Like it is the gps is full eaven if I transfer to pc. Could you tell me the steps to cancel some mapping of the eastern coast and let say I would start from northern N.B. to Guelph , Ontario. Thanks JPfire
  3. On the map 60c the gps is loaded with mapping. the question is when the mapping is full on the gps how do you delete some mapping on the gps to enter some more roads for cities etc. I transfer back to the pc but the mapping is still on the gps. Do I do a restore or what do I do. thanks JPfire
  4. Thanks a lot guys. I tought there was a way of doing it differently but I guess not.It would be nice in the future that we could , so that way your geocaching list would be separate from your waypoints list. Thanks again Flame1
  5. When dl geocaching waypoints to the map60c gps I see that all the geocaching list goes in waypoints list and also in the geocaching list. Is there a way that all the geocaching list goes only on the geocaching box instead of both the waypoints and geocaching.I tought I had seen something on this topic last year and can't seem to find it.I would appreciate if somebody could help me on this topic.
  6. I have a copy of metro guidev4 +topo canada. send me your e-mail and we will discuss it thanks send e-mail at jpfire@hotmail.com
  7. I had a similar problem with my map60c is that I went geocaching and on the gps I put follow road on the gps and when I had about 500 feet for the cache I lost the screen. So what I did I didnt follow road but the off road course and got to the cache. When you follow road the map brings you up to the last point off your map but if there is no road left to the cache well your gps will do funny thing. So as far as I'm concern is at the lat mile or so to go off road instead of follow road.
  8. I've owned a trailblazer 12 for 5 years now and still use it for a backup with my garmin 60c. For the magellan trailblazer12, I used it for over a yearnow doing geocaching , but it works better with a compass because if you walk slow in the woods or anywhere with it your direction needles won't move, your speed has to be more than 3 or 4 miles an hour for your bearing needle to move. In a vehivle no problems with it., but ounce you start walking you have to walk fast for the needle to move , so that is why tant when I'm about 50 to 60 feet from target I use my compass for the direction.I have found 49 out of 50 caches with this gps and enjoyed it as well. I was going to sell it but will keep it I think for a backup Hope this could help you.. Flame1
  9. One of my friends had the same problem, he was off sometimes by 100 feet. I had called magellan helpdesk and they told me to leave the gps 310 outside for 1 to 2 hours in a clear view of the sky. So we did this in January of 2004 and the gps is working great since that. It had to initialised by itself in the open with the gps on. Hope this will help you.. Also with the 310 be sure you always have a minimum of 3 satellites because if you ahave less than 3 this will put you off a lot also chow Flame1
  10. I have a trailblazer and a garmin map60c and my brother has a magellan 310 that is almost the same as the trailblazer, the 310 could only get 1 or 2 satellites with it so we called magellan help desk and what they told us is that the gps had lost its memory and the only thing to do with it is to turn it on outside for an hour or two at an open view of the sky and the gps would programmed itself. We left it outside for 3 or 4 hours and since that it works perfectly. It initialise by itself. This was last year when we did it and it still works good. Hope this will help you to get 7 satellites and more Flame1
  11. I've owned a magellan trailblazer12 for 5 or 6 years now and did the geocaching with it for a couple of years now, but used a compass with it. Now I have a garmin map60c and enjoy it very much. If you ever buy a garFlame1 magellan always keep your trailblazer for a backup because my brother in law had an etrex and it went blank on him while walking in the deep woods. Good think we had FRS radios that day because he would have been lost for a few hours. I'm keeping my old trailblazer for a secondary way out of the woods. Just to let you know whatever you want to buy keep the old one just the same for backup.
  12. I just bought a garmin 60c a few weeks ago on ebay and enjoy it very much, especially when you have a map in it and it tells you where to go if you want to find an address or a city, everything is in this gps that I want.
  13. Thanks everybody, Kingquad give me a call on the last reply and it works. I knew I could depend on somebody so thanks again guys, it's appreciated Flame1
  14. I just bought a garmin map60c and enjoy it. Could somebody let me know how to download to the geocaching page from the gps, when I go to the find page I see geocaching, but I am stuck there. Do I go to geocaching.com and download from there. thanks Flame1
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