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  1. Re: cases I just received the "sharkskin" case that TheGPSStore sells: http://www.thegpsstore.com/detail.asp?product_id=BE130 It sounds like what BradW0807 is looking for. I like it so far. The "sharkskin" has a really nice grippy feel. The swivel clip stud can protude thru a hole designed for that purpose and still function. The top ring of the case is elastic and it fits very tightly around the 60 overall. Using the buttons is impeded a little, but not much (may change in really cold weather however). Recommended.
  2. Also, if you edit a waypoint on the 60 that's already in your "Waypoint" folder on the 60 (but not in the "Geocache" folder) by changing the symbol to the treasure chest in the "Outdoor" symbol group, the waypoint will then show up in both folders, so you can use the special geocaching features with it. That's how you would get a waypoint that you enter into the 60 manually over into the "Geocache" folder.
  3. EasyGPS will send waypoints to the Geocache folder on a 60cs. Download the .loc file from Geocaching.com and then open in EasyGPS. Select all of the waypoints and change their "symbol" to Geocache. Now when you send them to the 60cs, they'll go to the right place and you can use the geocaching features when navigating to them. I don't know if that's documented anywhere, I just stumbled on it via dumb luck.
  4. As for cases, I just got the "sharkskin" case from thegpsstore and it looks like it will be good. http://www.thegpsstore.com/detail.asp?product_id=BE130
  5. On the "Satellite" page, when GPS is on, there will be a little icon in the upper left next to the battery indicator that will have "2D" or "3D" in it when you have a location fix. "3D" means you have four or more satellites locked in and have an estimate of altitude from the GPS.
  6. Thanks folks, terrific reponse to my first post! As with Moonpup, I was trying to use it with GPS off, as I wasn't aware of how it integrated with other features.
  7. Just got a Garmin 60cs and am trying to figure out how to use the Sight N' Go feature of the compass. When I'm on the compass screen (with the compass on) I press menu to get the list of options, but the top three, including Sight N' Go are greyed out and unavailable. Any ideas what I'm missing?
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