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Anyone Dealt With Redzuco.com?

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I have dealt with Rezuco on eBay and I would STRONGLY recommend that you stay away from him. He never responds to your e-mails, he's super slow to ship (even after paying extra for faster shipping), and he has many complaints against him for non receipt of product on eBay.


For me personally, I purchased one of his products on eBay, he then sent me an e-mail message stating that he couldn't (i.e. wouldn't) honor the price he sold it to me for. I told him that I thought that his business practices sucked, but I agreed not to leave him any negative feedback as long as he returned my money. He did so about a week later and after I had sent him four e-mail messages (which were never answered). Then, about a week after that, he turned ME into eBay as a non-paying bidder for the auction. :laughing: I wrote him a bunch of times telling him that he had made a mistake, but he never responded. I ended up having to file a formal complaint against him with eBay in order to get the non-paying bidder mark removed from my account.


If you look at his feedback on eBay, you'll see that I'm not the only one he does this stuff too (and I doubt very seriously that you've ever receive your rebate from him). Thus, I wouldn't touch anything from him with a 10 foot pole no matter how good his prices sound. I think that you will be sorry in the end if you do.

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Well, I ordered an etrex on the 13th and received it on 20th. It was for the $89.99 +$10 for shipping. I submitted the rebate on the 21th, so we will see if I get my $40 rebate in about 8-10 weeks. I'll keep everyone posted. Since I could not find a local Best Buy with an etrex, I figured even if I dont get the rebate, it still is about the going rate.

I too just ordered a Legend C on Sep 15 and got it on Sep 21st. I was/am worried about his rating too, so I e-mailed past customers via eBay. One replyed and said he got his rebate but it did take a good 8 weeks as indicated. Another replied and indicated that he didn't get his rebate because he bought his GPS before the rebate started, he didn't pay attention to the details. I put my rebate in the mail on Sep 22, so we will wait and see. I also sent two e-mails to redzuco before I made the purchase and got a reply to both. The rebate for the legend C is $50.00, so if I get it, the total cost (shipping included) will be $250.97 :mad:

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I paid for a legend and then a week later they tell me when I ask where it is, that it is back ordered and may be anywhere from a week to who knows when. They have pulled all of their lower end ones for just such a reason. After a week they refunded my money to paypal but now it is so close to our trip that we will not be able to get one in time. I too vote to avoid them.

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I ordered a Legend from them recently and have been satisfied so far. I'm working on getting a UPC code for their rebate (the box went in the trash before I claimed the code). I'll submit it for the rebate and see what happens.


I bought it through their website and not through ebay. The lady in customer service with whom I've dealt has been pleasant and responsive.

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