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Heading South To Ottawa


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Heads-up that I'll be heading into Ottawa Sept 28 - Oct 2. I'm interested in doing any or all of the following:

  • Meeting local cachers over drinks/coffee one evening.
  • Taking travel bugs that want to go north to the Yukon.
  • Caching!

As far as drinks go, I'm based in downtown Ottawa and Darcy McGees is my location of choice, but I'm open to suggestions.


For travel bugs, if you give me any just be aware that they might very well spend the next 8-12 months up here. I can also move bugs into Alaska quite easily.


As far as caching, I'm not trying to get a lot. I'll might grab a few located close to downtown in the evenings, but I mainly plan to spend a full day in Gatineau park on either the Tuesday or Wednesday, probably looking like I'll do some of the ones located around Mt. King area. I also really want to get over to Meech Lake, just to say I was there. I'll be working off of public transport and feet. Anyone interested in joining me, let me know.


I'll be bringing down a limited number of "Find Your Way to the Yukon" compass keychains. If I meet you I'll give you one, otherwise keep an eye out for them in a cache near you.




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I've already scouted a bunch of caches. Like I said, I'll mainly be focused on doing some caches in Gatineau park on one of my free days. I might do some in the downtown area if I get bored, but I'll likely have too many other things to do. Urban caches aren't my style.


I don't imagine I'll do more than 4-5 caches. Who knows though... I'll bring along 3-4 pocket queries just in case.


I'd love to make the Cache-In event, but unfortunately I'm leaving Ottawa that morning.




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