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Just Starting Out


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There are some good threads on what to bring in your pack, just do a search for them.


Practice using your GPS around you neighborhood before going out into the wilderness. Get comfortable with all its functions. Know how to set waypoints and use backtracking. Its a good idea to waypoint your vehicle before starting out on a hike.



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Welcome to the sport!! It will be a lot of fun. Snipe33 has some good suggestions. Also bring some small trade items (I keep several in my pack). I started off with the easy ones close to home because I am familiar with the area and it gave me a chance to get use to my gps unit.


First and foremost, be safe. With any sport, if you are not comfortable with it, DON'T DO IT. If it's too hard, then you lose interest. Get your family involved as well. My kids love to go out and look at the "treasure".


Have fun and be safe!!




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I see that you are from Idaho. There is a website for Idaho geocahers. You might want to check them out too. http://idahogeocachers.org/


Start out with some simple 1 star caches. If you can't find a cache or two at first, don't be discouraged. I had a lot of *no finds* at first too.


Hit the dollar store and get some trade items. If you can get something unique, that would be good.


Good luck on your first hunt and let us know how it goes.




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Snipe33 started a good list. I'd include a pair of gloves, small flashlight, automatic pencil (pens don't write well if the log book is less than dry) a signaling device (whistle?) and perhaps a granola bar or two.


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Another good thing to do is if you are going into the woods or trails that you are not familiar with and a ways away from your car. Always mark where you left the the car on the GPS as a waypoint. Trust me, it helps if it gets dark or you get lost or turned around. Ohh yeah I learned the hard way. LoL! icon_eek.gif


Bug Spray, Compass, camera, first aid, whistle, extra batteries, trade items, cell phone. Water to drink and something to eat if your gonna be out long. Have fun! Be safe.

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